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In Egypt, it’s ‘moderate Muslims vs. Obama brothers’

malik-and-barack-obama-at-the-white-houseNEW YORK – The Egyptian Air Force officer currently residing in the United States who has pressed terrorist charges in Egypt against President Obama’s half-brother Malik has characterized the decision of the Egyptian government to prosecute the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a conflict of “moderate Muslims vs. the Obama brothers.”

As Jan. 8, 2014, approaches and Egypt prepares for the next appearance in court of former president Mohamed Morsi and the 14 Muslim Brotherhood leaders facing charges of incitement to murder, Sadek Raouf Ebeid believes the Obama brothers will be implicated because of their support for the Brotherhood in Egypt.

Ebeid was the man who last August filed Complaint No. 1761 with the office of Egyptian Attorney General Hisham Barakat, accusing Malik Obama of managing investment funds for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In a letter addressed to WND, translated and published on the website of Arab-language researcher Walid Shoebat, Ebeid noted the promptness with which Barakat responded to the filing of his complaint.

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He said the quick response to his request that Malik be placed on the Egyptian terrorist watch list reflected not just the efficiency of Ebeid’s lawyer in Egypt, Ahmed el-Ganzory, but also the degree to which this case “resonated with the feelings of the majority of moderate Muslims in the Arab world.”

WND reported in September that Ebeid’s complaint cited Malik for managing funds for both the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Islamic Dawa Organization, or IDO, in Sudan.

Earlier this month, WND reported Egyptian lawyers have filed criminal terrorism charges in the International Criminal Court against President Obama, in addition to the criminal terrorism charges previously filed in Egyptian courts against Malik.

The charges filed in the ICC assert President Obama coordinated, incited and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes against humanity, including the torching, destruction and plundering of some 85 Christian churches from March 7 through Aug. 18 in Egypt.

‘Two distinct understandings of Islam’

Ebeid says moderate Muslims in Egypt are working to criminalize the radical activities of the Muslim Brotherhood that controlled the Morsi government to enable Egypt to return to a more tolerant situation in which Christians and Jews are not persecuted.

Ebeid wrote:

One has to admit that there are two distinct understandings of Islam.

A moderate, peaceful understanding of Islam that is lead by the Egyptian Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmed el-Tayeb, an Egyptian Sheikh, who has studied philosophy in Paris and is currently the head of Al Azhar Mosque. I am proud to be the first to nominate el-Tayeb for the Nobel peace prize, for his role in spreading the moderate understanding of Islam, referred to in Arabic as “Al Islam Al Wasati.”

The majority of the thirty-three million Egyptians who flooded the streets of Egypt in June 2013 were predominantly moderate Muslims.

While some political commentators may continue to argue whether this event was a coup or a revolution, any objective historian will admit that it was a human earthquake. It was a human earthquake that shook the ground of the Middle East, taking the Arab world out of the dark ages and into the Arab renaissance.

More than ever, Egyptians adhered to the moderate version of Islam, (“Al Islam Al Wasati”). This version is symbolized by the Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb. He was the man whom the military Generals in Egypt consulted with and whose blessings were obtained, while etching into stone, the post-revolution road map.

In contrast to the earlier teachings of Egypt’s deposed president Morsi, who was recorded in 2010, saying that Arabs need to nurse their children on hatred of the Jews, Egypt’s pending constitution has a third amendment guaranteeing the right of Jews to practice their faith in Egypt.

Ebeid was asked how this relates to President Obama and his brother Malik:

Recently, Egypt’s only lady to ever sit on the Supreme court bench in the Arab world, Judge Tahani el-Gibally (al-Jebali) has made a declaration that has shaken all Egyptians & International observers worldwide. Per her testimony that we included in Case 1761 that I filed on August, 24th 2013, she confirmed what prominent investigative reporters in the US have published earlier.

The Shoebat Foundation has published photos and indisputable evidence that a gentleman by the name of Malik Obama, is serving as the right arm of General al-Bashir.

Photos of Malik Obama participating in an al-Bashir-sponsored organization are now on the desk of Egypt’s A.G., Hisham Barakat, which seeks to question Malik.

Soon after the case was filed, El Ganzory was permitted to serve Malik Obama with papers. He did so at the Kenyan embassy. Recently, after being called back to the embassy, the papers were returned to El Ganzory with a message that Malik is not in Kenya at this time and could not be served. El Ganzory was told Malik is in the U.S. I expect the next course of action to be that papers will be presented to the American embassy so that Malik can be properly served.

The Egyptian judicial system will not be intimidated by who Malik Obama’s brother is. While the writer of this article is proud to be a U.S. physician who deeply respects the USA, he cannot change history. Egypt had a high court in place when Christopher Columbus was still lost on the high seas.

While the US is definitely a major power politically, financially & militarily, Egypt’s deep-rooted judicial system is a lethal weapon of its own. It has already brought two of its own presidents to trial.

Bringing the brother of another country’s sitting president will not be an uphill battle!

In August, WND reported that Tehani al-Gebali, the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, gave a speech and participated in an interview broadcast on Egyptian television, identifying Malik Obama as “a major architect” managing investments for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

WND also reported in August the Egyptian government planned to introduce evidence the Obama administration paid bribes as large as $850,000 to individually named Muslim Brotherhood leaders, through the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

Attacks on Coptic Christians

The Muslim Brotherhood’s seizing of power in Egypt and its subsequent government led to attacks on the country’s Coptic Christians.

Middle East expert Raymond Ibrahim said in a paper published Nov. 12 on the website of the Gatestone Institute that the attacks began with the June 30 Revolution that “saw the ousting of President Morsi and prompted the Muslim Brotherhood to scapegoat and incite violence against the Copts.”

Ibrahim reported the attacks became “even more brutal in mid-August after security forces cleared out Muslim Brotherhood ‘sit in’ camps, where people were being tortured, raped, and murdered.”

He noted the attacks were especially devastating in Minya in Upper Egypt, where the large Christian community was hit especially hard, with at least 20 attacks on churches, Christian schools and orphanages.

According to Ibrahim, the goal of the radical Muslims in their attack on the Copts in Egypt was “to erase all the traces of a Christian presence,” such that even the orphanages were looted and destroyed.

Earlier, in an article titled “Attacks on Christians Escalate in Egypt, Nigeria” published by the Gatestone Institute Sept. 19, Ibrahim wrote:

On July 4th, the day after the Egyptian military liberated its nation from Muslim Brotherhood rule, Christian Copts were immediately scapegoated and targeted. All Islamist leaders—from Brotherhood supreme leader Muhammad Badi, to Egyptian-born al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri, to top Sunni cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi—made a point to single out Egypt’s Copts as especially instrumental in the ousting of former Islamist president Morsi, a claim that ushered in a month of slaughter against the nation’s Christian minority.

Although religious violence by Muslims against Christians remains largely unreported in the mainstream media in the United States, Ibrahim warned that persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is on the way “to reaching pandemic proportions.”

 In Egypt, it’s ‘moderate Muslims vs. Obama brothers’.

الكتاب الاسود لخديعة 25 يناير والربيع العربى .. كشف المستور وفضح العملاء


العامل الخفى وثورات الربيع العربى : بقلم خالد عبد العزيز

إن الأحداث اليوميّة المتسارعة، خاصة الدراماتيكية منها كالتي حصلت مؤخراً في العالم العربي، تشغلنا أحياناً عن رؤية الصورة الكبيرة وتلهينا بالتفاصيل. لقد كُتب الكثير خلال الفتره الماضية عن الثورتان التونسية والمصرية وما عرف بالربيع العربى بشكل عام وعن العوامل التي أدّت إليهما رغم أنهما فاجئتا كل المتابعين السياسيين في العالممن دون المخططين والمنفذين بالطبع ” .  لكن ما لم يتم الحديث عنه بشكل كافٍ هو العامل الأهم الذي وقف بشكل خفىقبل ان تتضح الصوره كاملهصامتا مستترا لدى الكثير من غير المتخصصين والمطلعين  وراء كل اضطرابات العالم العربى المستمره منذ ثلاثة سنوات حتى اليوم والتى تذكرنا بما حدث من قبل في تاريخ المنطقه  الحديث وهو ما سمى بالثوره العربيه الكبرى التى نتج عنها تقسيم المنطقه والدول العربيه الى كيانات وحواجز واعراق متعدده فيما عرف باتفاقيات سايكس بيكو .

يأتى كتاب الاحتلال المدنياسرار 25 والمارينز الامريكي, للكاتب والباحث المصرى العقيد متقاعد عمرو عمار والذى صدر هذا الاسبوع واثار ضجه اعلاميه فى دهاليز المشهد السياسى المصرى وعلى صفحات التواصل الاجتماعى فى هذا السياق ليكشف عن هذا العامل الخفى وشبكات الخيانه والعماله المستتره تحت غطاء جمعيات المنظمات المدنيه والحقوقيه والتى يقوم بتلميعها  وتسليط الضوء عليها والدفاع عنها بالتوازى شبكات ونخب اعلاميه تم تجنيدها واستخدامها فى تنفيذ المخطط الصهيواميركى لأعادة تقسيم واحتلال المنطقه.

جاء اصدار الكتاب فى توقيت لم يتم الاعداد له ليحمل مع الاعلان عن الاسباب الحقيقيه لطرد السفير التركى من مصر تفسيرا للموجه الاخيره من محاولات نشطاء التمويل اثارة الفوضى فى الشارع المصرى فيما يبدو انها الرقصه الاخيره لطليعة مؤامره 25 يناير من عملاء اجهزة الاستخبارات الامريكيه والطابور الخامس فى مصر .

الكتاب الذى يكشف حقائق مذهله غائبه عن الكثير من المصريين  ويعد وثيقة هامه حيث استند واحتوى مستندات دوليه موثقه يتم نشرها للمره الاولى يمكن تقسيمه الى ثلاثة اجزاء بحسب النقاط التى تم تسليط الضوء عليها . حيث يبدأ فصوله العشرون بالقاء نظره تحليليه على ما اصطلح بتسميته  الشرق الاوسط الكبير من خلال بريجنسكى ووثيقة كيفونيم العبريه انتقالا الى خطة وخريطة تقسيم المنطقه التى وضعها برنارد لويس عامليتابع ليصل الى 11 سبتمبر واعلان حروب الجيل الرابع بعد تفجير برجى التجاره العالمى وبدء ربط الاخوان المسلمين بالمخطط الجديد والذى تجلت اولى مراحله باعلان اوباما الحرب على مصر من جامعة القاهره .

يتطرق الكتاب ايضا فى جزأه الاول الى الدور التركي فيما يحدث ويكشف النقاب عن فتح الله كولن.. رجل تركيا الغامض .ايضا دور قطر من خلال جاسم بن سلطان وقناة الجزيره وأكاديمية التغيير التى انشئت للتدريب على اطلاق صواريخ الرموز والشعارات في الساحات العربيه وصولا الى خلق أنبياء مزيفون من وحي بيتر آكرمان .

يشرح الكتاب الذي نشرت على غلافه صورة لقطع البازل التى يعاد تركيبها على خريطة العالم فى جزأه الثانى كيف تم العمل على تغير المشهد السياسي المصرى والعربى برمّته بمساعدة بضعة مئات من الناشطين والسياسين والاعلاميين وذلك بالتمويل والتدريب على تطوير حجج سياسيّة جدية واشكال متطوره من اشكال الاحتجاج تحت واجهة مطالب حقيقيه لشعوب المنطقه وكيف تم القيام بتعبئة سياسيّة وإعلاميّة بهذا الحجم في الشارع والجامعات وعلى شبكة الانترنت والاعلام لخدمة دعاوى  التغيير .

دور الشيطان الاكبرسعد الدين إبراهيموالذى اطلق عليه الكاتب لقب ناظر مدرسة.. شاربآكرمان والذى لعب دور حلقة الوصل بين الاجهزه الاميريكيه والتنظيمات المصريه وايضا الاخوان المسلمين  … والعلاقه بين الملياردير اليهودى الاميركى جورج سوروس وبيت الحرية الأميركى وصناعة الثورات الملوّنة يأخذ حيزا كبيرا من الفصل الحادى عشر والذى اتهم الكاتب فيه صراحةبناءا على وثائق منشوره ” حركة كفايه بأنها تعمل مباشرة تحت رعاية مكتب البنتاجون وهيئة الاركان المشتركة وتتلقى الاوامر من وكالة الدفاع والمخابرات العسكرية الامريكية .

674574688حركة 6 إبريل ايضا والتى نشأت فى المحله تحت عباءة حركة كفايه بدئا بمؤسسها أحمد صلاح والذى اطلق عليه الكاتب لقبالولد الشبح بالبيت الأبيضوعلاقنها بحركة موفمينتس واتبور وكانفاس والتدريب فى صربيا لأعداد الاصدار الثاني من الثورات الملونة , تأخذ نصيبها ايضا من اتهامات بالعماله والتمويل وادله موثقه على تدفق ملايين الدولارات من واشنطون الى مؤسسى ومسئولى الحركه عن طريق  عقود وشركات استشارات وهمية .

 د.محمد البرادعي ..الأب الروحي لتفكيك الجيش المصري كما وصفه الكاتب عمرو عمار وكيف تم محاولة إعادة إنتاج غاندي في قلب القاهرة وانشاء الجمعيه الوطنيه للتغيير ودور المخابرات الاميريكيه فى ذلك يفرد له الكاتب عدة صفحات قد تكون مفاجأه للكثيرين من مؤيدى البوب .

 يختتم الكاتب الجزء الثانى بالفصل الثانى عشر ليكشف فيه عن كيف كانت خصخصة الإعلام القومي قضية حياة أو موت أمريكية وكيف اصبح الإعلام رهينة فى قبضة الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية مع وجود خمسمائة قائد إعلامى مصرى تحت رعاية غرفة التجارة الأمريكية المقدسة والقاء حاييم سابان بشباكه فى بحر الإعلام العربي .

 بعد التمهيد فى الجزء الاول والثانى يأخذنا الكتاب فى الجزء الثالث الى خديعة يوم 25 يناير الذى اطلق عليه الكاتب اسم وليمة المخابرات العالمية ليتحدث عن التمهيد بتفجير كنيسة القديسين على يد جيش التحرير الفلسطينى ليلة رأس السنة واقتحام تحالف خلايا حزب الله وحماس للسجون المصريه وصولا الى استخدام القناصه والسيارات الدبلوماسيه الاميريكيه لقتل المصريين وتقديم قربان الدم لأزكاء الثوره المصريه فيما سمى بالورد الذى طرح في جناين مصر …  دور وائل غنيم وانجاز المهمه يختتم به الكاتب  الفصل الثالث عشر .

6634366 الفصل الرابع عشر والخامس عشر يستعرضان ليلة تنحى الرئيس مبارك وكيف تم التعتيم على قصة الهروب الكبير من السجون تحت وابل أصوات الحناجر وفوضى التحرير وبدء الهجوم المنظم على المجلس العسكرى واستخدام دماء الشهداء كتميمه لهذه المرحله حتى ظهور محمد مرسي مرشح الإخوان على المسرح ووقوع مصر في قبضة التنظيم السرِّي ليكشف الكاتب سر موافقة المشير طنطاوي على نتائج الانتخابات المطعون فيها بالتزويروكيف كان اللواء مراد موافي ضحية كشف الحقيقة فى جريمة ساعة الإفطاروينهى الكاتب الفصلان بمشهد ماساوى فى تاريخ مصر عنونه عمرو عمار بعنواناحتفالات نصر اكتوبر.. المشي في جنازة القتيل “

استمرارا للمشهد الاكثر سوادا فى تاريخ مصر الحديث يتناول الباحث فى الفصلين السادس والسابع عشر فترة حكم محمد مرسى ويوضح حقائق العلاقه الغامضه بين الرئيس الاميركى باراك اوباما و تنظيم جماعة الإخوان وامتداد خيوط العنكبوت من واشنطن إلى القاهرة مع وجود سته مسؤلين كبار فى الادارة العليا للرئيس الاميركى من قيادات التنظيم الدولى للأخوان المسلمين على رأسهم الإبيارى فى قلب المؤسسة الأمنية الأمريكية .

_69631005_obama_phone_getty مشروع الفنكوشالنهضهوالصكوك الاسلامية لبيع مصر والتعاون الغير مشروط بين مرسى والاسرائليين والذى وصل الى زراعة جسسات التنصت على أرض الفيروز بالأضافه الى مشهد دخول مرسى وجماعة الاخوان على خط الازمه السوريه فى ثياب مصر الرسميه  والتمهيد لتوريط  الجيش المصرى فى الحرب على الشقيقه سوريا .. ليكون هذا المشهدالقشه التى قصمت ظهر البعيرفقد كان هذا هو المشهد الاخير للأخوان فى السلطهفقد قررالشعب استنادا الى قواته المسلحه انهاء حكم المرشد .

كلمة وطن ورسالة مشفره من صقور الوطن الساهره ليخرج الشعب المصرى فى 30 يونيو تحت حماية قواته المسلحه ليسقط المؤامره ويعيد كتاية التاريخ على جدران الزمن  فى ملحمه مشرقه  سيذكرها التاريخ انها فعل لا يستطيع القيام به الا من ملك سبعة الاف سنه من الحضاره هى عناوين ومحتويات الفصلين الثامن والتاسع عشر .

 يصل الكتاب الى نهايته فى فصله العشرين ليرصد محمد مرسى وهو خارج الزمن ومحاولات استدعاء الاحتلال الاميركى لمصر عن طريق اعتصامات رابعه والنهضه والخيانه العظمى  للبرادعى الموثقه بهروبه فى هذا التوقيت الاكثر حرجا فى حياة الوطن والمأزق الاميركى وترنح البيت الابيض بعد الصفعه المصريه لمشروع تكلف سنوات من العمل والجهد والتجهيز ومليارات من الدولارات ليسقطه المصريون تحت اقدامهم فى ايام .

 وينتهى الكتاب بكلمات توصف مشهد رائع لأحتفالات اكتوبر التى عادت لأبطالها جيشا وشعبا بعد ان شوهها هذا المعتوه فى احتفالات العام السابق فى مشهد ادمى قلوب المصريين ووضع نهايه مبكره لحكم هذا المأفون وعصابته من الارهابيين القتله .

دعوه عامه :
توقيع الكتاب باكر السبت الثلاثون من نوفمبر 2013 بمركز إعداد القادة بالعجوزة الساعه السادسه مساء ويحضره نخبه من السياسيين والاعلاميين وابناء الوطن المخلصين على رأسهم المستشاره الجليله تهانى الجبالى – د/ لميس جابر والخبير الاستراتيجى سعد الزنط والدكتورة نائلة عمارة الإعلامية الوطنية والاستاذ الكبير إبراهيم حجازى أحد أبطال حرب الكرامة والكاتب الكبير مهدى مصطفى والفنان الصحفى أنس الديب.

معلومات النشر :

العنوان : الاحتلال المدنياسرار 25 والمارينزالامريكي تأليف : عمروعمار

عددالصفحات : 400 – الطبعة : الأولى 2013  – السعر : 25 جنيه مصرى

الناشر : الاهرام القاهره – متواجد بجميع منافذ بيع الاهرام

Majority Of Americans Think Obama Is Not Honest Or Trustworthy: Poll

_69631005_obama_phone_gettyWASHINGTON, Nov 25 (Reuters) – A growing number of Americans doubt President Barack Obama’s ability to manage the nation, according to a CNN/ORC poll released on Monday that reflects the possible larger impact of his administration’s fumbled rollout of its healthcare law.

The poll also found that 53 percent of those polled said Obama is not honest or trustworthy, marking the first time that the CNN/ORC polling found a clear majority questioning the president’s integrity, CNN said.

Forty percent of the 843 U.S. adults surveyed in the telephone poll early last week said Obama can manage the government effectively, down 12 percentage points from June.

The poll was conducted Nov. 18-20 amid ongoing problems plaguing the president’s signature domestic policy achievement, the healthcare law widely known as Obamacare., the administration’s web portal for offering private health coverage to uninsured Americans in 36 of the 50 U.S. states, has been at the center of a political firestorm over technical problems that overwhelmed its Oct. 1 launch and have dogged the system ever since.

In addition, insurance companies have canceled millions of existing insurance policies because of the law, raising questions about Obama’s promise that people would be able to keep their policies if they were happy with their coverage.

The pollsters said the survey, conducted by ORC International with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points, recorded the worst scores for Obama during his five years in office in key categories.

It found that 56 percent of respondents said they did not admire Obama, disagreed with him on important issues and said he does not inspire confidence, while 53 percent said they do not see him as a strong and decisive leader, CNN said.

But the poll also found that the majority of those surveyed said the president still has a vision for the country’s future and cares about average people. Seventy percent said he is likable.

Another poll conducted by the Gallup organization put Obama’s overall job approval rating at 41 percent, according to the latest weekly findings for Nov. 11-17, down from 45 percent in September, before the healthcare law rollout. (Reporting by Susan Heavey; Editing by Fred Barbash and Will Dunham)

Majority Of Americans Think Obama Is Not Honest Or Trustworthy: Poll.

Obama refused to accept NSA chief’s resignation after Snowden leaks — RT USA

The director of the National Security Agency attempted to resign shortly after Edward Snowden revealed himself as the source of leaked NSA documents in June, the Wall Street Journal now reports, but the White House refused to let him leave.

It was previously announced in mid-October that Gen. Keith Alexander would walk away from his roles atop both the NSA and US Cyber Command next March or April, but an article penned by the Journal’s Siobhan Gorman and published on Sunday suggests that the actually severity of a scandal sparked by the unauthorized disclosures attributed to Mr. Snowden almost ended the four-star general’s career early.

Citing an unnamed senior US official, Gorman wrote that the NSA chief offered to resign “shortly after” the 30-year-old former intelligence contractor outted himself on June 9 as the man behind the leaked documents that started to surface just days earlier and continue to be released to the media, as evident by new reports published as recently as last week.

The source’s claim comes in sharp contrast to the NSA’s official explanation offered last month when it was reported by Reuters that Gen. Alexander would be resigning early next year.

This has nothing to do with media leaks, the decision for his retirement was made prior; an agreement was made with the (Secretary of Defense) and the Chairman for one more year – to March 2014,” NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines told Reuters at the time.

General Alexander has served an extraordinary tenure and capably led these agencies through critical periods of growth and transition,” White House spokeswoman Laura Magnuson added to The Hill in late October. “The president looks forward to continuing to work with General Alexander until his term is complete and thanks him, and the men and women of the NSA, for their patriotism and dedication as they work every day to keep us safe.”

According to the officials who spoke with the Journal, however, the Snowden revelations indeed shook the intelligence community severely and almost caused one of the most secretive agencies in the world to undergo a spontaneous leadership change amid one of its biggest blunders yet.

It was cataclysmic,” Richard Ledgett of the NSA’s special Snowden response team said of the disclosures to the Journal. “This is the hardest problem we’ve had to face in 62 years of existence.”

Asked by reporters at the Huffington Post to comment on the Journal’s article over the weekend, White House National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden directed journalists to remarks made by press secretary Jay Carney after Alexander’s plans to resign were reported one month earlier.

The president has full confidence in General Alexander and the leadership at the NSA and in the rank-and-file at the NSA who do extraordinary work on behalf of every American citizen and on behalf of our allies in keeping them safe,” Carney said on Oct. 28

Outside of the White House, however, other lawmakers haven’t had such nice words. Speaking to Germany’s Der Spiegel earlier this month, Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) said, “The head of the NSA, the president of the United States, the Congressional Intelligence Committees [and] all of these contractors we pay that were responsible for performing the background checks” should be reprimanded for the security lapse that allowed for Snowden to access and leak classified materials.

When asked how they should be punished, McCain told the magazine, “they should resign or be fired.”

Meanwhile, the White House has been working at what to do early next year when Alexander does exit his helm and the government is short-staffed by two: Alexander’s resignation will leave vacancies at the top of both the NSA and CYBERCOM, and administration officials are apparently floating the possibility of splitting those jobs up among two individuals. .

Obama refused to accept NSA chief’s resignation after Snowden leaks — RT USA.

The real reasons behind the expulsion of the Turkish ambassador from Cairo.

900Ambassador harbored Muslim Brotherhood operatives inside Cairo embassy buildings for months, Egyptian daily reports

Egypt’s decision to expel the Turkish ambassador in Cairo followed attempts by the ambassador to harm Egyptian national security by conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood .

The real reasons behind the expulsion of the Turkish ambassador :

  • The ambassador was expelled for his involvement in espionage, incitement and work against Egypt’s national security, particularly over the past three months after Muslim Brotherhood following “clear instructions” from his country to support the Muslim Brotherhood, banned in late September,
  • The Turkish ambassador even reportedly hid Brotherhood members inside embassy buildings in Cairo for over two months, removing them only after he sensed they were being observed by Egyptian intelligence.
  • The Turkish ambassador Transported brotherhood’s money outside the country by taking advantage of his diplomatic immunity.

morsi-erdogan-1According to independent paper Al-Youm Al-Sabi’, Egyptian intelligence agents monitoring the Turkish embassy and the home of Ambassador Huseyin Avni Botsali over recent weeks found that many Muslim Brotherhood officials frequented the buildings to discuss “sowing strife in Egypt and planning violent acts.”

The report further said that the decision to deport the ambassador was taken after it was found that the embassy “directly and indirectly supported violence in Egypt” by bankrolling extremist groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the country. Turkey even funneled weapons into Sinai through the Gaza Strip and oversaw training camps for Brotherhood militants in the city of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

According to the report, the Turkish ambassador sheltered prominent Muslim Brotherhood activists inside the embassy, transferred money to support the group’s armed cells training in the Sinai and Gaza Strip, and provided logistical and strategic support. The paper said Turkish intelligence was sending arms to Islamist militias by sea to El Arish in Sinai and Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

Alyoum Alsabea,cited high-ranking,sources. The plan allegedly was to support the Brotherhood, sow chaos in Egypt and prove that the army was not in control after the toppling of Mohammed Morsi over the summer.

Turkish ambassador in Cairo reportedly aided the Muslim Brotherhood and carried out plans to divide Egypt using funding from countries such as the United States, Britain, France and Germany, sources have told Egyptian newspaper Alyoum Alsabea.

According to the sources, Egyptian intelligence agents listened in on conversations between the Turkish ambassador and the ambassadors of the United States, Britain, France and Germany to move the plan forward.

Terror-link group” Muslim Brotherhood – Hamas” met in British parliament – Telegraph

A group with undeclared links to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the terror group Hamas has been holding meetings at the Houses of Parliament.

Separately, it can also be revealed that one of the Government’s police and crime commissioners will this week speak on the same platform as a man who has justified the killing of British troops and called for democracy to be replaced by Sharia.

The Commons events — held in March and September — involving the group with links to Hamas were organised by the Emirates Centre for Human Rights (ECHR), which says it is a moderate campaign against rights abuses in the Gulf. However, part of its agenda appears to be anticipating the end of the regimes in the region.

The main speaker at the meeting was Christopher Davidson, author of a book about the “coming collapse of the Gulf monarchies”.

The ECHR is fronted by a young white British man, Rori Donaghy. It makes no mention on its website or in any other publicity of its close links with the Islamist Cordoba Foundation, described by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as a “political front for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

However, The Telegraph has established that the ECHR’s website is registered to Malath Skahir, a former director of the Cordoba Foundation.

via Terror-link group met in parliament – Telegraph.

Egypt’s new protest law .

543890Egypt’s presidential spokesman Ehab Badawy revealed in a press conference on Sunday the contents of the cabinet’s protest bill, which was signed into law by Interim President Adly Mansour earlier in the day .

The law consists of 25 articles, which outline in detail the conditions that must be met before a protest, political meeting or march is held. It also details the punishment for violations of the law.

Below is Badawy’s summary of the articles included in the new protest law. The full text will published in Egypt’s Official Newspaper on Monday.

Chapter one: General rules and definitions

Article 1: Citizens have the right to hold and join general meetings, marches and peaceful protests in accordance with the provisions and regulations of the protest law.

Article 2: Definition of general meetings and electoral meetings.

Article 3: Definition of marches.

Article 4: Definition of protests.

Article 5: Prohibits any political gathering in houses of worship, their vicinities or buildings associated with them, in addition to barring houses of worship from serving as meeting points for marches.

Article 6: Participants in protests, meetings or marches are prohibited from carrying any weapons, explosives, fireworks or other items that may put individuals, buildings or possessions in danger.

Wearing masks to hide the face during such actions is prohibited.

Article 7: Violations of general security, public order, or production are prohibited, as well as calling for disrupting public interests.  It also forbids actions which could impact on public services, transportation or the flow of traffic, as well as assaults on security forces or exposure of danger to individuals, public or private possessions.

Article 11: Security forces in official uniform should disperse protests, meetings or marches in the event of a crime at the order of the field commander.

The field police commander can ask a judge to determine the non-peaceful state of a meeting or protest. A decision should be issued immediately.

Article 12:  Security forces must utilise methods of gradual dispersal for protests in breach of the law.

Authorities must first ask participants to voluntarily leave through audible verbal warnings, which should be repeated several times whilst indicating and providing secure paths out of the venue of assembly.

If participants refuse to leave, security forces have the right to use water cannons, batons, and teargas to disperse protesters.

Article 13: In the case of security forces failing to disperse gatherings through afore mentioned measurements, or if violent assaults erupt against security forces, escalatory measures may be taken.

In this case, security forces should first fire warning shots, then escalate by using rubber bullets and finally metal pellets.

If participants use weapons, security forces should respond using means proportional to the danger imposed.

Article 14: The Minister of Interior, in coordination with the concerned governor, should designate a safe space for protesters in front of vital institutions for participants.

Such institutes include government, military, and security buildings, as well as courts, prosecution centres and museums.

Article 15: Protests in certain spacious venues will be allowed to take place without prior notification. Such spaces will be defined by the governor.

Chapter two: Punishments

Article 16: The following states the punishments in the case that earlier articles are violated.

Article 17: Whoever possesses weapons or explosives while participating in a protest, meeting or march could face imprisonment of seven years and pay a fine of between LE100,000 and LE300,000.

Article 18: A participant who it has been proven has received or given money and/or benefits to protests, meetings or marches is to face prison and a fine of between LE100,000 and LE200,000. The same punishment will be imposed on whoever is responsible for inciting such a crime.

Article 19: A participant who violates article 7 in the protest law could face 2 to 5 years of imprisonment, in addition to the possibility of paying a fine of between LE50,000 and LE100,000.

Article 20: Violating articles 5 and 14 or wearing masks while committing a crime during a protest could lead to a maximum sentence of a year in prison and a fine worth LE100,000.

Article 21: Holding a protest, meeting or march without giving prior notification as dictated by article 8 could result in a fine of between LE10,000 and LE30,0000.

Article 22: For any of the listed crimes, the courts can order the confiscation of tools or money used during protests or marches. However, this article excludes those who act with good intentions.

Chapter three: Procedural provisions

Article 23: Law 14, issued in 1923, is to be annulled, in addition to the cancellation of any laws that contradict the new protest law.

Article 24: The cabinet is to issue decisions regarding the implementation of the provisions of the protest law.

Article 25: This law is to be published in the official Gazette, and will be in effect the day after publication.

Al Qaida militia retakes town near Turkish border from Free Syrian Army | World Tribune

7675589NICOSIA — Al Qaida has resumed its offensive against Western-backed rebels in Syria.

An Al Qaida militia, deploying surface-to-air missiles, has launched an offensive along the Syrian border with Turkey

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was reported to have captured the Syrian town of Atma after expelling a unit of the Free Syrian Army.

“There was not much of a fight,” a witness said.

Opposition sources said ISIL was being supplied from Islamists in Turkey. They said Al Qaida captured the head of the FSA-aligned Suqur Al Islam, identified as Mustafa Waddah.

The ISIL capture of Atma, deemed a hub for rebel fighters and supplies, on Nov. 21 was said to have represented the latest offensive by Al Qaida in
northern Syria. Atma contains thousands of Syrians who fled fighting in other border areas.

Suqur Al Islam has broken away from other FSA units in a battle for
weapons. In late mid-November, Suqur seized seven trucks laden with arms
sent by the FSA’s Syrian Military Command.

On Nov. 22, seven rebel units declared a merger called the Islamic
Front. The units were identified as the Liwa Al Tawhid, Ahrar Al Sham, Suqur
Al Sham, Al Haq Brigades, Ansar Al Sham, Army of Islam, and the Kurdish
Islamic Front.

The commander of the Islamic Front has been identified as Zahran Aloush.
In a statement, the front named Hassan Aboud the political director, with
Ahmed Issa Al Sheik as head of the Shura Council. Al Sheik was also said to
be the new commander of Liwa Al Tawhid.

“This [Islamic Front] will be an independent, political, military and
social formation,” the front said.

Al Qaida militia retakes town near Turkish border from Free Syrian Army | World Tribune.

Egyptian Minister: Muslim Brotherhood ‘mobilized a number of terrorist extremist elements’

1In a press conference on Nov. 23, Egypt’s Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim accused the Muslim Brotherhood of supporting actors who are attempting to bring chaos and instability to Egypt. “The Muslim Brotherhood, in cooperation and with finances from the international branch of the group, has mobilized a number of terrorist extremist elements … and spurred them to carry out villainous terrorist act[s]” against Egyptians, Ibrahim charged.

Ibrahim’s remarks “were the first detailed examples offered by a senior Egyptian official to back claims that the Brotherhood … is responsible for attacks against security, government institutions and the country’s Coptic minority,”

From Reuters:

Ibrahim said security forces arrested five individuals from al-Qaeda linked groups who were present at the pro-Morsi vigils in Cairo before they were dispersed on August 14. The Brotherhood denies any links to violence.

Ibrahim said security forces found documents, seized weapons, and foiled various attack attempts against public figures, police and army personnel. It also blamed those groups for attacks against the police and army since June 30.

According to AFP, Ibrahim claimed that some of those detained since the ouster of Mohammed had been “pardoned of offences during Morsi’s year-long rule, and that others were linked” to groups such as Ansar Jerusalem (Ansar Bayt al Maqdis) and Ansar al Sharia in Libya.

In that regard, the Atlantic recently reported, based on comments by a regional intelligence official, that “hundreds of Sinai-based militants are traveling to Libya virtually undetected for training and cooperation with members of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).” And in July, AQIM official Abu Abdul Ilah Ahmed al Jijeli said Morsi’s overthrow should teach Egyptian Muslims “that the price for applying principles on the ground is a mountain of body parts and seas of blood, because evil must be killed and not shown mercy, and righteousness must be achieved by cutting the head of those who corrupt and not reason with them,” according to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group.

Ibrahim’s press conference came three days after a car bombing in North Sinai killed 11 Egyptian security personnel. The attack, one of the deadliest since Morsi was turned out of office, has not yet been claimed.

Since Morsi’s ouster on July 3, there have been at least 253 reported attacks in the Sinai Peninsula, most of which were carried out against Egyptian security forces and assets, according to data maintained by The Long War Journal. Since July, the number of attacks has declined each month. November, which has already seen 29 attacks, is currently on pace to surpass October’s total, however.

Attacks by Sinai-based jihadists have not been limited to North Sinai. Indeed, Ansar Jerusalem, the dominant Sinai-based jihadist group, has also conducted a few attacks outside of its normal base of operations in North Sinai in recent months. On Sept. 5, the jihadist group carried out an assassination attempt in Nasr City on Egypt’s interior minister, Mohammed Ibrahim. A month later, an Ansar Jerusalem suicide bomber unleashed a blast at the South Sinai Security Directorate in el Tor, which killed three security personnel and injured more than 45. Then, on Oct. 19, the Sinai-based jihadist group targeted a military intelligence building in the city of Ismailia. More recently, Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for the Nov. 17 shooting attack on Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Mabrouk, a senior national security officer, in Cairo.

Egyptian Minister: Muslim Brotherhood ‘mobilized a number of terrorist extremist elements’ – Threat Matrix.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia commence naval exercises .

The navies of Egypt and Saudi Arabia announced the beginning of Morgan 14 joint training exercises on Saturday.

The exercises will last “several days” and were set to take place around the area of Egypt’s Red Sea naval base in the presence of a number of Arab and African observers, according to a statement issued by the office of the spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces.

The scope of the exercises includes planning and management of carrying out battle plans during the day and night, cooperation with the Air Force, searching for mines, supplying and refueling during navigation, and storming suspected vessels.

“These exercises come within the framework of the plan for joint training of the Armed Forces of Egypt and Saudi Arabia to measure the skills and capabilities of troops in the implementing and managing of tasks in joint combat,” said the statement from the spokesman’s office.

The exercises come six months after the Tabuk 3 drills between the two countries, who regularly carry out joint naval, air force, and army exercises with one another.

The government of Saudi Arabia has strongly supported the Egyptian interim government. A delegation from the Arab kingdom arrived to Egypt on Friday to discuss a proposed $1.4bn assistance package that includes funds for small and medium enterprises and development loans.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia commence naval exercises – Daily News Egypt.