French media : President Obama and Beyonce are having an affair

  • French photographer who discovered that President Francois Hollande was having an affair claims that President Obama is cheating as well
  • Cited alleged ‘distance’ that has been ‘apparent’ between Barack and Michelle Obama recently
  • The Obamas are open fans of Beyonce and her husband Jay Z

A French media firestorm has been circulating claims that Barack Obama and Beyonce are dangerously in love.

It came as Francois Hollande, France’s head of state and a well-known love cheat, arrived in America on an official state visit without his now-ex partner, Valérie Trierweiler.

Rumours of an affair between the American president and the superstar singer- both of whom are married- were first made on Europe 1 radio station this morning.

Close: She was chosen to sing America the Beautiful at his second inauguration

Pascal Rostain, the photographer who last month took photographs of Mr Hollande secretly visiting a Paris love nest on the back of moped and wearing a crash helmet, spoke of the alleged relationship.

He said revelations of any kind of affair between Mr Obama, 52, and Beyonce, 32, would send shockwaves around the world.

Main squeeze: Beyonce also sang the First Couple’s first dance at his 2009 inauguration

Beyonce performed ‘America the Beautiful’ at Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and the pair are firm friends.

‘You know, at this moment, in the United States, there’s something huge which is about to happen,’ Mr Rostain told interviewer Jean-Marc Morandini.

‘Indeed, it will come out tomorrow in the Washington Post. We cannot say that it is from the gutter press – a supposed liaison between President Barack Obama and Beyonce. I can assure you that the world will talk.’

Photographer Pascal Rostain is the one who caught the French President on a motor scooter going to visit his mistress