Russia fires intercontinental ballistic missile in scheduled test

Russian RS 12 M Topol

The Russian military has successfully performed a scheduled test launch of the RS-12M Topol intercontinental ballistic missile, the country’s Defense Ministry said.

The launch of the intercontinental three-stage ballistic missile (ICBM) was carried out from Kapustin Yar testing ground in the Astrakhan region. The dummy warhead hit its target at a test ground in Kazakhstan, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Yegorov told RIA Novosti.

“The aim was to test an advanced battle equipment for the intercontinental ballistic missiles,” the ministry stated.

Russia informed the United States ahead of the ICBM test – and even before the latest Russian military moves in Crimea – a US official told Reuters.

The White House confirmed that the launch was “routine” and that the United States had advanced notice. Such prior notification is required under the nuclear arms treaty between the two nations.

Since 2007, Topol has been repeatedly tested in order to allow for the extension of its current service life, which was recently extended to 25 years. Its initial service life was only 10 years.

In 1998, RS-12M Topol became the first Soviet mobile ICBM to be successfully entered into service.

Defense Ministry stressed that Kapustin Yar range is “a unique” facility for testing battle equipment for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

RS-12M Topol ballistic missile

RS-12M Topol ballistic missile

“Only it provided the test routes and the polygon measuring complex, which allows testing [of] advanced battle equipment capable of bypassing the anti-missile systems, including those with advanced configuration,” the ministry said.

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5 thoughts on “Russia fires intercontinental ballistic missile in scheduled test

  1. Brittius

    On Tuesday, March 4, 2014, at 15:00 hours [Time Zone-R/NYC], WCBS-News Radio 880 AM, reported that, the launching was a previously scheduled and announced testing as per treaty agreements. The announcement of launch and filing of announcement was made before any issues took place in Ukraine, and the launching was per approved schedule by UN member nations approval.

      1. Brittius

        Coincidence as everything was previously filed, announced, and scheduled, per arms treaty. The West is making an issue over something that was already agreed to quite some time ago. The same is reported of a big deal of 16,000 Russian military troops in Crimean region, while by treaty agreement 25,000 troops are authorized.
        Another item withheld, is that Ukraine and Crimea were a part of Russia all the way back in the 18th Century. Actually, I would not be alarmed if for argument sake Egypt were to take over Libya or Sudan, which were once a part of Egypt the nation, as well as part of the Egyptian Empire. Certain dynamics fit. Obama has no balls, and is a professional coward. Sanctions are talked about that will negate petroleum contracts. It will cause a renegotiation of prices and cost the European Union much more money. The Persian Gulf oil producing nations have little use for the European Union or America. Russia will be relied on for petrol and home heating fuels at the end of Summer 2014 but will cost much more. The other item is, Russia is now considering payments to be made in gold, as Russia has little use for fiat money of other nations. Gold. Europe has little gold, and America, has none.
        All this, because of fools in the White House. The troublemakers in the streets of Ukraine are trained, funded, and supplied by UK and America. If Russia did the same in UK and America, Obama, Kerry, and Cameron, would be screaming like stuck pigs. When petrol and home heating fuels cost the people more money, they will be screaming like stuck pigs, but their government leadership will find something to change the topic, and they will turn a deaf ear to the people’s financial ruin and suffering.

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