600,000 people attend Moscow rally for Crimea-Russia reunification


A concert rally in support of the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation, held in Moscow’s Red Square gathered around 600,000 people. At the rally Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine will overcome its crisis, and further development of our relationship depends on the joint actions of Kiev and Moscow.

“The We Are Together concert rally in the Red Square ended without incident. About 600,000 people took part in it,” the police spokesperson said.

“We are very worried by what is happening in Ukraine but I believe that Ukraine will overcome all the difficulties. We are not just neighbors, we the closest relatives, and our future success depends on us, both Russia and Ukraine,” Putin said at the We Are Together rally held in Moscow in support of Crimea becoming part of Russia.

Today is “a very joyful, fair, festive day,” the president said.

“After a hard, long and exhausting journey Crimea and Sevastopol are returning to their home harbor, to their home shores, to their permanent home port – to Russia,” Putin said.

He thanked the people of Crimea and Sevastopol for “their decisive position and articulated will to be together with Russia.”

The concert rally took place at the Red Square and was organized by public, patriotic veteran and youth organizations.

Shortly before the president’s arrival to the rally it was attended by Chairman of the Crimean State Council Vladimir Konstantinov, head of the Crimean Council of Ministers Sergei Aksyonov and Sevastopol’s Authorized Chairman Alexei Chaly, who met with Putin separately in the Kremlin earlier.

Earlier on Tuesday the Russian president addressed the Federal Assembly over the accession of Crimea to Russia. Later the president signed an agreement on the admission of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation and the formation of new Russian constituent regions.

Tens of thousands gather in Moscow to support Crimea-Russia reunification

A rally on the occasion of Crimea’s reunification with Russia that began at 2 pm GMT (6 pm Moscow Time) on Red Square has brought together tens of thousands of people.

The crowd was waving the Russian national tricolors, St. George’s flags, as well as the banners of main political parties and a host of public movements, an Itar-Tass correspondent said in an eyewitness account from the site.

Many people brought posters with them. The most typical slogans said “Crimea Is With Us”, “Welcome Back”, “We Are Together”, “We Stand For Peace”, “Russia and Crimea Are One”, “Crimea is the Russian Land”, “We Don”t Need Others” Property, But Won”t Give Away What”s Our Own”, “We Trust Putin”, and “Long Live the Fraternal People”.

The rally was broadcast to a huge outdoor screen installed on Manezhnaya Square located in a stone’s throw from Red Square and the Kremlin. A specially organized corridor, which begins at Revolution Square metro station, provides access to Red Square but anyone wishing to get to the rally has to pass metal searchers.


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