What Egypt now needs is a strong leadership

The terrorist scourge must end now and the killers ought to be treated with the full force of law


A series of well-planned and coordinated bombs ripped through security posts at the entrance to Cairo University on Wednesday afternoon, killing a senior police commander and wounding dozens. The fact that these blasts were so well-coordinated shows that there is no place low or dark enough for terrorists to venture, setting one bomb off to lure in police and those offering assistance, then striking again to purposely injure and maximise terror — and set off another to repeat their dastardly plan.

Over the past three years, Egypt has been rocked by political turmoil and violence that have shaken the nation to its core, but no political philosophy or radical cause is worth the premeditated destruction of any human life. The masterminds behind these blasts are neither political activists nor are they acting to advance a cause: They are criminals who are sadly misguided and mistaken to believe that they can change the course of current events. What Egypt now needs is stability — a strong leadership that can bring the full force of the state to bear on it to deter any terrorist acts and bring such miscreants to justice.

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