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Veiled Threat – UK’s senior Muslim Brotherhood leader to British PM : Don’t ban us – or else

Ibrahim Mounir

Ibrahim Mounir

It is a familiar argument at this point: acting against Islamic jihadists risks “alienating moderate Muslims.” The Times editors put “peaceful” in brackets ahead of Ibrahim Mounir’s reference to “Muslim Brotherhood values,” but in reality the Brotherhood’s year in power in Egypt was anything but peaceful; that year was marked by thuggery against its opponents, and since the Brotherhood was toppled from power, its supporters have blamed Christians for the loss of power, terrorizing them and burning churches. And even if it really were peaceful, the Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to establishing Islamic law in societies, and we are constantly told that Muslims in the West have no interest in bringing Sharia West with them, now or ever — so one would think that genuinely moderate Muslims would be happy to repudiate the Brotherhood and see it banned in Britain.

Ibrahim Mounir’s tactic here is very similar to one that is used constantly against me and other foes of jihad terror: the claim that speaking honestly about how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism will alienate moderate Muslims. You can see an Australian interviewer ask me that exact question in this video. The obvious answer, of course, is that if they were truly moderate, they’d be just as indignant about that usage as we are, and would be standing with us against it.

Finally, note Mounir’s veiled threat: if the Brotherhood is banned, there will be jihad terror in the U.K. Of course, if it isn’t banned, there will be jihad terror in the U.K., but he doesn’t mention that.

Ban on Muslim Brotherhood ‘will increase terrorism risk,’” by Tom Coghlan in the Times, April 5 :

Banning the Muslim Brotherhood will leave Britain at greater risk of terrorist attacks, the group’s most senior leader in the UK said yesterday.

Speaking for the first time since David Cameron announced an investigation into the organisation’s alleged links to violent extremism, Ibrahim Mounir said that it risked alienating moderate Muslims. “If this [ban] happened, this would make a lot of people in Muslim communities think that [peaceful] Muslim Brotherhood values . . . didn’t work and now they are designated a terrorist group, which would make the doors open for all options,” he said. Asked if he meant open to violence, he replied: “Any possibility.”…

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Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk rallies in favor of independence referendum

At least 1,000 protesters have gathered in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, the industrial capital of the region, demanding that authorities respect their right for self-determination by allowing them to stage a Crimea-style referendum.

The rally was held in the city’s central Lenin Square. Demonstrators held Russian flags and signs which read, “The Republic of Donetsk.”

The protesters called for a general all-Ukrainian strike and distributed leaflets declaring April 18 a referendum day.

“Today a referendum remains a sharp political and social issue in Donbass region. People do not leave squares and require to hold [a referendum]. The fight for a referendum is accompanied by protests against rising prices for gas, electricity and food. The socio-patriotic movement ‘Eastern Front‘ offers trade unions to hold a general strike on April 18. The goal of the strike is to require that the authorities hold a referendum and introduce a moratorium on the increase of tariffs and utilities,” said the leaflet, according to local media reports.

Residents then marched from the square to the city council building. Law enforcement officers in riot gear gathered near the building.

The protesters demanded that local authorities meet them at the location. According to reports, a group of city council deputies came out of the building.

Demonstrators chanted slogans such as “Referendum” and “Berkut,” as well as “Russia” and “Taruta (the new Donbass governor recently appointed by the Kiev government) needs to go!”

Earlier, the press service of the city council reported that authorities had not received any requests or notifications from social organizations or political parties about the Saturday rally.

Deputies of the city council, Igor Ponomarenko and Igor Sviridov, promised to meet residents at Lenin Square on Sunday, according to local media.

On March 1, Donetsk City Council made a decision to support the residents in their calls for a referendum. The deputies of the city council said that the decision on whether to hold a referendum is currently being considered by the court prosecutor, and the next hearing will take place on April 22.

On Friday, a group of people gathered at the German consulate in Donetsk to protest against what they say is German interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs. They have signed a petition asking Berlin to stop meddling.

We ask you to convey to the leadership of your country our request of non-interference in Ukrainian internal affairs by Germany,” the petition reads.

“We ask you, based on Germany’s international authority, to warn other countries from this, not to enkindle war and not to support fascism in Ukraine,” said the people’s statement, as quoted by local media.

After President Viktor Yanukovich was ousted by an armed coup in February, the Donbass region has been gripped by protests against Kiev’s coup-imposed government. Thousands of demonstrators have been demanding to hold a referendum to decide on the future of the region – just like in Crimea, which refused to recognize the country’s new authorities.

The Republic of Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine following the March 16 referendum, in which 96.77 percent of the voters chose to rejoin Russia. Despite calls to boycott the vote and provocation attempts, 83.1 percent of Crimeans took part in the poll.

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5-year-old finds Xbox security flaw, becomes Microsoft researcher

A boy works out how to get into his dad’s Xbox Live account without a password. Microsoft not only plugs the flaw but appoints Kristoffer Von Hassel as a security researcher.


 When a 5-year-old tells me I’m a doofus, I don’t always take it kindly.

I must, therefore, tug my forelock toward Microsoft for bowing to Kristoffer Von Hassel’s security skills.

As KGTV reports, little Kristoffer is a wily character. His parents noticed that he was playing games on his dad’s Xbox Live. These were not the sort of games 5-year-olds ought to be playing.

His dad wondered how this might be. So he said to Kristoffer: “Here, young man. Show me how you do that thing you do. This is most fascinating to me.”

Clearly, I made up those words. But his dad, Robert Davies, is employed in computer security and that’s how I imagine security people talk.

Kristoffer demonstrated that even though he typed in the wrong password, he still had a chance with the password verification screen. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, other than Kristoffer is 5 years old and possibly a genius, he decided to type in space keys and hit enter.

Hey became presto.

You might conceive that Dad was shocked, staggered, stunned, or even, as Kristoffer feared, angry.

Instead, Davies, from San Diego, told KGTV: “How awesome is that! Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool.”

Did I mention he works in computer security?

The next step was, of course, to turn to Microsoft and say: “Hey, you know this password security thing. It doesn’t work so well.”

Redmond fixed the bug. However, Microsoft is becoming a far more human-oriented, underdoggy company. So, to its vast credit, it gave him four games, $50, and a year’s subscription to Xbox Live.

Far more touching, though, is that it acknowledged Kristoffer on its site as a security researcher.

Microsoft gave the BBC this statement: “We’re always listening to our customers and thank them for bringing issues to our attention.”

It’s clear that Kristoffer already understands the way the world works. Money, like gaming, can only go so far. There is a far more lasting joy to be had, one that can never be removed.

“I’m gonna be famous!” he told KGTV. He already is.

I cannot confirm, however, that the Microsoft board has already decided he will be the new CEO of the company in 2035.

via 5-year-old finds Xbox security flaw, becomes Microsoft researcher – CNET.

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