How ‘Heartbleed’ May Have Infiltrated Every Website on the Internet

Susanne Posel | Chief Editor, The US Independent

The Heartbleed (HB) bug is causing quite a stir because it exposes “end-user passwords, the contents of confidential e-mails, and other sensitive data belonging to Yahoo Mail and almost certainly countless other services.”

According to the Tor Project: “If you need strong anonymity or privacy on the internet, you might want to stay away from the internet entirely for the next few days while things settle.”

Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon and others have taken security measures and fixed issues to avoid any more problems from HB.

Tumblr said that they did not find evidence of HB or any security breach.

Amazon explained they fixed HB for most of their services.

In Canada, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) closed access to the public for “electronic services” because of HB; stating that they were concerned about protecting “the security of taxpayer information”.

Sites tested and found to be vulnerable include:

• Yahoo

• Kickass

• Flickr

• Slate

• Scoop

• USMagazine

• Price Monkey

• Facebook

• Google


• Wikipedia

• Twitter


• Amazon

• Blogspot

• WordPress


• pintrest

• Instagram

• Paypal

• Apple

• Craigslist


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