Putin hopes USA will realize that it is not the only leader in world


The United States is not the only leader in the world, and Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that official Washington would come to realize this. Putin made this statement on Thursday in a televised question and answer session, adding that Russia and USA had many areas for mutually advantageous cooperation.“The United States is one of the world leaders,” the Russian president noted. “It seemed at some moment that it was the only leader, and a unipolar system was forming,” he added.

“Today, it has turned out that it’s not so,” the Russian leader said. “Everything is very interdependent in the world, and if [the United States tries] to punish all, it will finally cut off the branch it is sitting on,” the Russian president said. “One day it [the US side] will develop this understanding,” Putin believes.

Putin declined to answer what, in his view, was the notional score in Russia-US relations. “I would not interpret them is such a way, it’s not a sports competition,” he said.

“We are partners and I hope that we have a good future for the development of relations, because we have interests that coincide in many areas: security, non-proliferation, as well as fighting terrorism and the development of the world economic system,” he said.

“The fulfillment of these tasks meets both our and American interests, and we will not be able to effectively fulfill them if we fail to act together,” Putin is certain.

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