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Hillary Clinton pokes fracking monster in conservation speech

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has continued to distance herself from the Obama administration with a mild criticism of “fracking”, the process that has attracted the wrath of Americans across the country.

Without climbing too far out on a political limb and alienating both sides, Clinton expressed restrained concern about the fracking boom in a speech to the League of Conservation Voters in New York on Monday.

“I know many of us have serious concerns with the risks associated with the rapidly expanding production of natural gas,” Clinton told the crowd.

“Methane leaks in the production and transportation of natural gas pose a particularly troubling threat so it is crucial we put in place smart regulations and enforce them – including deciding not to drill when the risks to local communities, landscapes and ecosystems are just too high.”

Hillary Clinton has yet to declare she’s running in the 2016 presidential elections, expertly played both sides of the issue by declaring that America has a fracking future, so long as specific environmental standards are adhered to.

“Yes, natural gas can play an important bridge role in the transition to a cleaner, greener economy,” she said.

Clinton managed to steer clear of the $8 billion dollar, 1,179-mile Keystone XL pipeline project that would transport oil from Canada to the US. A controversial bill to approve its construction fell one short of the 60 votes required in the US Senate to send the bill for presidential approval.

Republicans have said they will prioritize pipeline approval when they assume Senate control next year.

Fracking has been linked to groundwater contamination, an increase in earthquakes, extended drought conditions, and a host of health concerns for people and the local environment.

In early November, voters in Denton, Texas approved a ban on fracking while cities in Ohio and California also voted on fracking bans with mixed results. However, local ordinances against fracking run afoul of state laws that allow the process in both Ohio and California. Similar local bans have been passed in states like Colorado, where state officials have worked to overturn them through the legal system.



Obama appoints Ashton Carter as Pentagon chief

Ashton B. Carter

President Barack Obama is expected to announce Ashton B. Carter as his nominee to be the next secretary of defense, the Associated Press reports. Carter served as the Pentagon’s second-in-command from October 2011 to December 2013.

If confirmed by the Senate, Carter would replace current Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who announced his resignation last Monday. Carter served as deputy secretary under both Hagel and his predecessor, Leon Panetta. Before that, he was the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics from April 2009 until October 2011, where he “led the Department’s efforts to accelerate the fulfillment of urgent operational needs; increase the Department’s buying power; and strengthen the nation¹s defenses against emerging threats,” according to his DOD bio. In layman’s terms, he was the Pentagon’s “chief arms buyer,” Reuters noted.

The AP reported that a senior GOP senator confirmed early Tuesday that Obama has chosen Carter for the role.

Although no longer working at the Pentagon, Carter is a member of the President’s Management Council and the National Council on Federal-Labor-Management Relations. During President Bill Clinton’s administration, Carter was Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy.

He has an extensive academic background, beginning with his own education. Carter earned bachelor’s degrees in physics and in medieval history from Yale University, and received his doctorate in theoretical physics from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. Before joining the Pentagon in 2009, was chair of the International and Global Affairs faculty at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and Co-Director of the Preventive Defense Project.

Carter’s academic record is such that Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, jokingly noted at Carter’s farewell ceremony last December that the Pentagon’s former second-in-command has been called an “uber-wonk” and that in Hollywood circles he would be considered “not hot,” the Associated Press reported. But Dempsey said Carter had earned respect far and wide.

“It’s lucky for us that you have worked without glamor or fame behind the scenes to make sure through good management and common sense and discipline that we are an organization that continues to adapt to the challenge that we find in front of us,” Dempsey told Carter at his farewell. “He did it all again without fanfare. In fact, I think he’s been called the most important, least known figure in Washington, or some language to that effect, and I agree with that.”

Carter was previously seen as a contender for the position, but was passed over for Hagel. He stayed on as deputy secretary for 10 months into the new secretary’s tenure. But many defense officials and analysts viewed Carter as “an uncomfortable understudy to Hagel, given his own ambitions to lead the Pentagon,” the Washington Post reported at the time Carter resigned.

In his resignation letter, Carter said he had “long firmly intended” to leave the Pentagon, but that he kept quiet about his plans because of “the turbulence surrounding the fiscal situation,” an apparent reference to the federal government shutdown and other forced budget cuts confronting the military, the Post said.

“Ash has been an extraordinarily loyal and effective Deputy Secretary,” Hagel wrote in a statement at the time. “The Department will miss him — I will miss him.”

Carter’s view of US defense priorities appears to fit well with the Obama agenda, including better minding of defense alliances and partnerships in Asia and the Pacific, as well as more attention on cyber-defense and countering the spread of weapons of mass destruction, according to AP.

In July 2013 remarks, Carter noted that the Pentagon had entered an era of transition requiring fresh thinking, which could be negatively affected in the coming years by the across-the-board budget cuts known as sequestration.

His previous experience at the Defense Department will allow him to hit the ground running, especially since he has garnered much respect from many senior military officials.

“His career has sort of prepared him perfectly for this kind of a moment,” Michael O’Hanlon, a defense industry analyst at the Brookings Institution, told CNN. “On paper and in terms of his resume and preparation you probably couldn’t do much better.”

O’Hanlon noted, however, that Carter lacks the first-hand military experience that Hagel, Panetta and many other defense secretaries brought to the position.

“You can always find things that you would have loved in a hundred year life span to have seen everyone do before they take this job, but realistically he has accomplished about as much as you could ask,” O’Hanlon said.


حديث المساء : مصطفى شاهين ورساله الى السيد الرئيس


بقلم مصطفى شاهين :
نحن نمر بأزمة حقيقيه ستؤدى فى النهايه إلى دماء تسيل كأنهار وسيتحقق هكذا حلم أمريكا وشياطينها وكل العملاء والخونه المتآمرين… ماأطالعه الآن عن أن الرئيس /السيسى سيصدر قانونا لتجريم كل من يعارض نكسة يناير بإعتبارها ثوره … …!!!!!!!
أيا كان هذا الكلام صحيحا أم خطأ … فلاأدرى سوى أننا عَرضنا أرواحنا لكل المخاطر لنأتى بك رئيسا لمصر …ولم نأمل فى مشاريع وماغير ذلك … كل ماكنا نتمناه أن تعيد مصر التى عرفناها على مر العصور بأخلاقها وقوتها وصلابتها
أما مايحدث اليوم ومانراه من (حرج…وإرتعاش…وإهتزاز…وإستسلام أمام خونه وعملاء وطوابير الظلام …)…
هكذا لن تكون الرياده ولاالقياده إن أردت سيادة الرئيس حصد الحب وتعاطف هؤلاء … …!!!!!!!
الرضا والحب والمسانده والمؤازره ستأتى لك بفرض سطوة القانون واليد القويه وإعادة هيبة الدوله وسيادتها …وإبعاد كل هؤلاء الخونه العملاء المتفلسفين مُدعِى البطولات ومُريدى فرض أن 25 يناير 2011 ثوره… …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

لا … لا سيادة الرئيس /السيسى … 25 يناير 2011 أكبر مؤامره وأكبر عار فى جبين مصر …
نعم أقولها ومازلت ولن أُغير الرأى تحت أى مُسمَى وتحت أى تنازلات ….
سيادة الرئيس :هذا النهج والأسلوب وأنت تعرف الحقائق كاملة قبل ومنذ 25 يناير
اليوم الأسود فى سماء مصر وماحدث بعدها من أحداث … …
لايمكن أن يكون الخونه العملاء والبلطجيه والشواذ شهـــــــــــــــــداء …!!!!!
لايمكن أن تكون السياسه محاباة لهؤلاء الخونه الملاعين …وهذا الضعف المميت..!!!
لايمكن أن تقوم قائمة لمصر وهناك هذا الخنوع والترهل والإنصياع لرغبات المتآمرين ..
أتلك سياسه ؟؟؟؟  أم أنه خوف وإرتعاش ؟؟؟

هناك من يعبثون ويخربون ويتآمرون فى وضح النهار وفى الظلام … …!!!!! هناك دماء غزيرة من الشهداء الحقيقيون من الشرطه والجيش ومذابح ولم نرى فيها شيئا إلى الآن

سيادة الرئيس السيسى :
سطورى تلك وكلماتى أتحمل كامل المسئولية عنها …
لانستطيع الصمت …ولا نستطيع المحاباه…ولن نقبل بإستسلام …
اللعنه تلو اللعنه على (25 يناير وكل من شاركوا فيها )… … … …
التاريخ لايرحم ولن يرحم …
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
{الذين ضل سعيهم فى الحياة الدنيا وهُم يحسبون أنهم يُحسنون صُنعا }
الغالبية العظمى من الشعب والدُول تسأل :مصــــــر إلى أين … …؟؟