How Abu Dhabi Police Took Down American Teacher’s Accused Killer

United Arab Emirates police released a remarkable video that shows how a suspect in an American woman’s stabbing death arrived at the mall where the crime took place, and later planted a bomb at the home of an American doctor, before fleeing in a white SUV. The video also follows police as they raid the suspect’s home and arrest her. The suspect, covered from head to toe in a black abayah, was caught on multiple surveillance tapes. The clip was posted on the Abu Dhabi police department’s YouTube page. Here’s how it all happened: The suspect, whose face is covered, enters the Abu Dhabi shopping mall and takes the elevator.

After allegedly stabbing Ibolya Ryan, a kindergarten teacher from Colorado, the suspect flees the building. The tape shows blood splattered on the floor at the scene of the stabbing, and a large, bloodied kitchen knife.

The culprit, still in her abayah, arrives at an apartment building with a rolling suitcase.

The suspect planted a makeshift bomb at the home of another victim, an American doctor, police said.

The accused killer then got into a white SUV whose plates are covered by a United Arab Emirates flag.

Police later dismantled the explosive device:

The clip shows police ambushing a mansion, where they arrest a woman they say is the suspect.