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ISIS – Why USA can and Egypt can’t?

The ISIS beheading of 21 Egyptian Copts on a beach in Libya has generated rage and disdain among the international community, as well as in the Arab world and a strong reaction from Cairo. The Egyptian and Emirates Air Force attacks on several sites of the group’s stronghold in Derna, killed over 50 jihadists and destroyed a good part of their infrastructure. In addition, on Wednsday, Egyptian special forces raided Derna and captured a vast number of ISIS members.

The Obama Administration immediately condemned the Egyptian and Emirate attacks in retaliation for the slaughter of the Christian Copts. According to Pentagon spokesman Navy Rear Admiral John Kirby, the U.S. believes the crisis in Libya must be solved politically and without outside interference:

“We discourage other nations from taking a part in Libya’s issues through violence,” Kirby said. “We want the issues solved in Libya to be done peacefully and through good governance and politics and not violence.” [1]

At this point it is more than legitimate to raise a question: why would the United States be allowed to strike wherever they want, such as Iraq for instance, while other countries like Egypt, who are facing eminent threats, shouldn’t be authorized to attack?

According to Kirby the circumstances that brought Egypt and the United Arab Emirates to carry out airstrikes in Libya were different from U.S. airstrikes against ISIS as the U.S. was acting in Iraq, in a “very targeted” manner, at the request of Baghdad’s government and not with some unilateral decision.

As more details emerge, it seems that the U.S. went beyond the condemnation of the attacks. In fact, according to former US Marines officer, Oliver North, the Obama administration refused to assist Egypt with information on ISIS targets in Libya; same thing with Jordan in relation to the raids carried out by Amman in retaliation for the brutal execution of its Air Force pilot Moaz al-Kasabeh, burnt alive by ISIS.

Obama’s links with the Muslim Brotherhood count more than an alliance with Egypt

Kirby’s explanation makes no sense since the Obama administration has been constantly targeting objectives in various countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but going beyond Kirby’s poor justification, it is more than obvious that Obama and his entourage have two major reasons to object Egypt’s intervention against ISIS:

1. In the first place Obama cannot digest the recent deal between Russia and Egypt. In fact it is essential to recall that Abdelfattah al-Sisi has recently received in Cairo Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two countries signed an agreement for military and economic cooperation, that includes the construction of a nuclear energy plant in the northern city of El-Dabaa; an extremely important project for a country like Egypt, that often has to deal with energetic blackouts.

Al-Sisi is well aware that Russia is a serious and reliable ally that has always been in first line against terrorism and facts speak out: Russia outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood and several other terror organizations in far 2003 with a law of the Supreme Court, while in the West several of them (including the MB) are still free to operate. In the northern Caucasus, Russia has responded firmly and strongly against the Caucasus Emirate, crushing the organization and eliminating its historical leader Dokku Umarov. Operations against what’s left of the jihadi jamaats in the northern Caucasus are constantly underway with positive results.

In addition it is important to keep in mind that two Isis high members, Umar al-Shishani (who had threatened to bring jihad in Russia), and Abu Saad al-Daghestani (who was filmed in a video handing a gun to a young boy who executed two Russian citizens in Syria), were both eliminated.

Egypt needs a strong and reliable economic and military partner as, since the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherood-led government, the country has been facing a wave of terror attacks perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.

2. The reason why Egypt slipped out of the United States’ hands also must be attributed to Obama and his stubborn alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact it is important to recall that during the July 2013 protests in Egypt, when the people, led by the Tamarrod movement, took the streets to ask for the resignations of the Muslim Brotherhood government led by Mohamed Morsy, the Obama administration refused to recognize the popular demands and supported the Islamist government until the last minute. When the Egyptian army intervened, the Obama administration immediately condemned the so called “coup” but forgot to keep in mind that millions of people took the streets to ask for new democratic elections. Quite strange for a nation that has always insisted on “exporting” democracy.

The Egyptian people in the streets were so upset by the behavior of former US ambassador to Cairo, Anne Patterson, who sided with the Morsy’s government up to the point, that she had to quickly leave Egypt.

A few fat facts

The same Obama administration refused to take strong action when a group of Jihadists attacked the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya and slaughtered former ambassador Chris Stevens. Incredibly, while it was obvious that the attack had been coordinated and perpetrated by a large number of militants with trucks and RPG’s, the Obama administration tried to define it as a spontaneous – not a premeditated – response to what had transpired in Cairo; a violent protest that had taken place in reaction to a video that had offended Muslim sensibility (Innocence of Muslims). [2]

Hence it is evident that Obama preferred to remain loyal to his Muslim Brotherhood fellows, even if it meant losing a key regional ally such as Egypt and for those who still have doubts about it, there are more interesting facts.

In the last week of January 2015, the US State Department hosted a delegation of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leaders for a meeting about their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The delegation included Waleed Sharaby, Gamal Heshmat, Abdel Mawgoud al-Dardery e Maha Azzam, all well-known MB activists. Sharaby even took a picture in front of the US State Department logo while flashing the four-finger symbol in front of the camera. The same gesture was also performed in a recent event by former US ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson.

These facts should not be a surprise; in fact another Muslim Brotherhood-aligned member, Mohamed Elbiary, had made it all the way to a high position in the United States Homeland Security Department and had to resign in September 2014 after some embarrassing comments in favor of the Caliphate, of the Muslim Brotherhood and against the protests of Egyptian Copts in Egypt. Elbiary had also taken part in the DHS Countering Violent Extremism Working Group and in the DHS Faith-Based Security and Communications Advisory Committee.

Another interesting member is Dalia Mogahed, Obama’s advisor to Islamic issues, Muslim Brotherhood supporter and associate of Georgetown University professor John Esposito, who has also expressed strong positions in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood on several occasions.

In 2009, Dalia Mogahed appeared in a London-based television broadcast presented by Ibtihal Bsis, deputy media representative for Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organization that has been black listed in several countries including Russia. [3] [4]

At this point it is not hard to understand why Obama does not want to support Egypt and does not want other state-actors to attack jihadists in Libya. The US Administration discourages any type of military intervention, which is the same message that has been given to Italy by the Arabic website of the Muslim Brotherhood. [5]








إصرار غربي على “شرعنة” الإرهاب في ليبيا

قوات فجر ليبيا سيتم استخدامها في فتال عناصر داعش

قوات فجر ليبيا سيتم استخدامها في فتال عناصر داعش

يرى عدد من المراقبين أن التفجيرات التي تبناها تنظيم داعش الإرهابي في ليبيا في مدينة القبة شرقي البلاد وراح ضحيتها عشرات القتلى وأكثر منهم من الجرحى تأتي في ضوء ما يبدو إصرارا من بعض القوى الغربية على “تقنين وضع الجماعات الإرهابية” في ليبيا كبديل للحكومة الشرعية

وكانت جهود وزير الخارجية الليبي في نيويورك هذا الأسبوع لرفع الحظر عن تسليح الجيش الليبي لاقت رفضا متعنتا من قبل الولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا وقطر بذريعة “ضرورة وجود حكومة وحدة وطنية” بديلا للحكومة الشرعية المنبثقة عن برلمان منتخب اختار الليبيون ألا يسيطر الإخوان عليه

وبلغت فجاجة الردود أن الغرب “يخشى من وصول السلاح إلى الأيدي الخطأ” في ليبيا، متناسين أن التدخل العسكري في ليبيا قبل أربعة أعوام هو ما أدى إلى ظهور تلك الجماعات الإرهابية

ويقول أستاذ العلاقات الدولية في جامعة لندن البروفيسور فواز جرجس إن الغرب يريد “رمي الأزمة في ليبيا على غيره، ربما الأمم المتحدة” مشيرا إلى أن جماعة أنصار الشريعة هي التي اغتالت السفير الأميركي ببنغازي في 2012

وأضاف جرجس في مقابلة هاتفية مع “سكاي نيوز عربية” أن “الغرب مستعد للتعامل مع الشيطان لتفادي أي علاقة بالأزمة في ليبيا”، لهذا حسب رأيه “هم يرون الإخوان جزء من المشهد الليبي” ومن ثم يصرون على إشراكهم في السلطة

تجاهل الشرعية
ويتجاهل الأميركيون والبريطانيون، ومعهم قطر وتركيا، الحكومة الشرعية التي أجبرتها الجماعات الإرهابية المسلحة على الخروج من العاصمة طرابلس إلى طبرق

وكانت كل محاولات ما سمي بـ”تشكيل حكومة وحدة وطنية” هي إصرار على إشراك الإخوان والجماعات الإرهابية المسلحة في السلطة

بدأ هذا بمحاولة مفاوضات الجزائر (بدعم قطري وتركي) والتي فشلت، ثم حوار المغرب الآن الذي تقول الحكومة الشرعية إنه محاولة جديدة للالتفاف على الشرعية

ونشرت صفحة رئاسة أركان القوات الجوية في الجيش الليبي على فيسبوك بيانا جاء فيه:”أردنا ان نطلعكم بما يجري في هذه اللحظات تحديدا على طاولة المفاوضات التي تجري في ‫‏المغرب برعاية الدول الكبرى و تنسيق السيد برناندينو ليون :المطلوب هو الخروج بحكومة توافق في ظرف أسبوع واحد فقط، و بعدها سيتم استخدام قوات فجر ليبيا و ستتم شرعنتها بشكل أو بأخر حتى تستخدم في قتال تنظيم ‫داعش على الأراضي الليبية

المطلوب بشكل واضح إخراج أي شخصية عسكرية ليبية تسعى لتكوين جيش ليبي قوي و متطور مستقل في التخطيط و التسليح عن القوي الكبرى الأوروبية

هذا أولا، أما ثانيا هو سحب السلطة من تحت أقدام البرلمان الليبي الذي انتخبه الشعب الليبي”

ويقول البروفيسور فواز جرجس إن “الغرب لا يلقي بالا للشرعية” في بحثه عن مصالحه

Vladimir Putin Says Russia’s Military Might Has No Match


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday other countries should not have the illusion that they can attain military superiority over Russia, Interfax reported.

“No one should have the illusion that they can gain military superiority over Russia, put any kind of pressure on it. We will always have an adequate answer for any such adventures,” he was quoted as saying in an address he will present next week on the Defenders’ of the Fatherland Day holiday.

The report of Putin’s comments came the same day British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that Putin posed a “real and present danger” to the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all of which are NATO members. In comments published by The Times, Fallon said NATO was preparing to repel any possible aggression.


ISIS’ army of 7-footers? Experts say video of Copt beheadings manipulated

Experts who examined the sickening footage of ISIS militants killing Christians in Libya say the tape was doctored with. In the above still, the killers appear to be more than 7 feet tall.

Video of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians being marched along a Libyan beach before being beheaded by black-clad members of ISIS is hard for any civilized person to watch, but experts who made it through the sickening, five-minute clip told Friday they came to the same conclusion: The footage was faked.

No one holds out hope the victims, mostly poor fishermen who had gone to Libya to scratch out a living, are still alive. But several anomalies in the video, which was posted online Feb. 15, indicated to trained eyes that at least some of the production was done on “green screen” with background added later, perhaps to disguise the real location of the atrocity. A day after the clip went viral, Egyptian warplanes struck hard at an eastern port city near Tripoli, where the video appeared to have been shot.

“The Islamic State’s manipulation of their high-production videos has become commonplace,” said Veryan Khan, editorial director of the Florida-based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium. The murders likely took place in a studio, and the background image shown was likely from another location, the Bay in Sirte, a part of the Mediterranean Sea on the northern coast of Libya, according to Khan. There are several technical mistakes in the video that show it was manipulated, she said.

The most obvious, Khan said, is the speaker, “Jihad Joseph” is much larger than the sea in both the close up and wide shots, and his head is bizarrely out of proportion, meaning he was filmed indoors and the sea added behind him, Khan said. In addition, the jihadists featured in the film look to be more than 7 feet tall, towering as much as two feet above their victims.

The perspective is something several Saudi Arabians noted in their tweets about the video, questioning whether the jihadists were a part of some sort of special forces unit since they were so large.

Hollywood horror film director Mary Lambert, who among her many film credits directed Pet Cemetery, analyzed the film for and quickly concluded Khan was correct.

Turning the sea red is a grisly effect, but one which would actually take much more than the blood of 21 men, according to experts.

“The shot that seems really tampered with is the one with the really tall Jihadists and the dwarf Christians,” said Lambert, also a professor at New York University’s vaunted film school. “The close-ups of Jihadists on the beach are most likely green screen.”

Other technical giveaways: The sound of the ocean is likely a well-known audio track. Even more bizarre, the stream of blood in the ocean at the end of the video, and during the beheading of the final victim, is most likely not real. TRAC’s forensic analyst said turning the sea red is the “cheapest and easiest post-production tool” and “can even be achieved with a cell phone.” But doing it in the manner portrayed in the video is actually impossible, Khan said.

The sea turning red is obviously “FX”, Lambert agreed, with special computer effects used.

The man identified as “Jihad Joseph” may be an American, according to some analysts who have scrutinized his accent.

“I think that in the opening shot all the figures might be animated. They never had more than six men on the beach,” Lambert said.

The directors of the video used animation and “rotoscoping” to use the six figures like a rubber stamp in the marching sequence and also in the kneeling sequence, Lambert said.

Rotoscoping is a visual effect where the image is manually removed from a background in a live action video, and then composited on a different background, usually with green screens and chroma key.

“The weird jump-cut editing in the opening is a way to conceal this,” Lambert said.

There are shots that pan the prisoners on the beach and tilt down to the kneeling that look real to Lambert, although she added they “might have been enhanced in some way.”

The most amateur mistake, according to Khan’s forensic analyst, is getting the perspective along the shoreline all wrong.

“What is supposed to be the seashore is, in reality, a bay as determined by the tide, rocks, and wave action. Looking at the two big sets of footprints in the sand shown at a 90- degree angle, neither set of footprints can be the hostages or the hostage takers. Had this been a seaside shot, the sand would have been much softer and the victims’ footprints would have sunk much deeper into the sand,” the forensic analyst reports.

Another mistake was made during the beheading of the final victim, Khan said.

Experts who analyzed the footage believe the men were killed elsewhere, possibly in a studio.

“Not only did it lack the correct blood pulsation for decapitation, but seems to have had the blood ‘faked’ with cornstarch,” Khan said.

As human blood oxygenates, it darkens, Khan said, adding because this blood did not, it exposes the possibility that the beheadings were not done at the same time, despite ISIS’s claims.

Why all the bizarre video manipulation?

“Islamic State has been revolutionary in using the green screen technique, most likely to limit exposure to drones [and] satellite [locating of] their operations,” Khan said. “The producer probably required that only the cameraman and his assistant be present for the outdoor frames. Later, in post production, the editors dropped in the executions.”

The Islamic State is notorious for its high-quality productions of horrific murders such as children learning to execute victims, suspected gays being thrown from buildings and the burning alive of Jordanian air force pilot Moath al-Kasasbeh, but this video was produced by a much less talented ISIS crew, Khan said. provided TRAC’s analysis to the CIA, where a spokesperson said the matter was under review. The agency is among the intelligence bureaus already pouring over the footage to determine the identity of “Jihad Joseph,” who leads the mass beheading depicted on the video and who some have speculated may be an American.

Egyptian government officials did not respond to requests for comment, but Edward Yeranian, an Egypt-based radio correspondent for Voice of America and other news agencies, said Egyptian analysts are also openly skeptical about the video’s authenticity.

“Even the number of people beheaded is still in dispute,” Yeranian said.

 Fox News.

Potential Republican presidential contender, Mike Huckabee:”thank God for President al-Sisi in Egypt”

مجلس الأمن الدولي، سيعقد جلسة طارئة الأربعاء، لبحث سبل مواجهة الإرهاب في ليبيا.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is fast becoming the favorite Middle East strongman of American conservatives and Republican presidential hopefuls.

Jeb Bush says he can’t understand why the White House has told Sisi “you’re not on our team” as jihadism spreads like wildfire through the Middle East. Ted Cruz, another GOP 2016 pretender has also praised him, and key conservative media figures are lionizing Sisi.

The rush of affection for the former Army Chief contrasts with the strained relationship between Sisi and the White House, reflected in the Obama administration’s decision not to publicly back air strikes by Egypt on a common enemy — ISIS — in Libya this week.

It’s also the latest manifestation of the decades-long tussle between the U.S. and Egypt, which pits a push for human rights and democracy against the yearning for a stable pro-U.S. partner in a chaotic region, whatever the character of its regime.

The spur for the conservative infatuation for Sisi was a speech in January in which the Egyptian leader warned Islam was being “torn” and “destroyed” by extremism.

“It’s inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire Islamic world to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world,” said Sisi.

Sisi spoke in a highly symbolic venue, the Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo, one of the most vaulted seats of learning in the Muslim world.

“It’s antagonizing the entire world! Does this mean that 1.6 billion people (Muslims) should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants — that is 7 billion — so that they themselves may live? Impossible!​”

Sisi’s speech was a call to cleanse Islam of extremist thought and elements which groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda have used to justify jihad. It continues to impress conservatives in the United States amid a fierce political debate about how to contain ISIS’s march across the region.

“He gave this incredible speech about Muslim extremism, and saying it’s the responsibility of the Arab world to step up to fight this; that the first risks are for countries like Egypt,” Bush said in Chicago on Wednesday.

It’s no coincidence that Republicans are praising the speech’s blunt message at the same time as they are accusing President Barack Obama of falling prey to political correctness in his unwillingness to state the U.S. is at war with radical Islam.

That comparison is also frequently being made on conservative talk radio. Cruz also praised Sisi on Fox News on Wednesday.

“What would be far better to see was the kind of courage that was demonstrated just a few weeks ago by President al-Sisi in Cairo,” Cruz said.

“Why don’t we see the president of the United States demonstrating that same courage, just to speak the truth, about the face of evil we are facing right now?” Cruz asked.

Mike Huckabee, another potential Republican presidential contender, said “thank God for President al-Sisi in Egypt” in an interview with NewsMax TV.

Southern Baptist leader Richard Land wrote in The Christian Post that the Sisi speech could be as historically resonant as Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech or president John Kennedy’s declaration : “Ich bin ein Berliner.” Conservative commentator George Will said on Fox News Sunday last month that Sisi may deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

Since the election, the Obama administration has tried to carefully restore ties with Egypt on the grounds that it remains a vital strategic partner. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Cairo in September and Obama met Sisi on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York last year. Close intelligence cooperation continues behind the scenes.

But relations have remained strained. After the coup the U.S. temporarily held up a tranch of $500 million in military aid to Egypt and an order of attack helicopters.


The spectacle of Putin getting a warm welcome from Sisi in a visit last week did not go unnoticed in Washington, and was an apparent sign from the Cairo government that if the U.S. does not take better care of its friends, Egypt will look elsewhere.

The Pentagon, meanwhile, said it was not even told in advance about Egyptian air strikes this week on ISIS targets in Libya in revenge for the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian workers by an ISIS-affiliated group.


“It’s a complex relationship that we have with Egypt,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

ISIS’s swift spread in the Arab world has some realists in Washington considering whether it’s time to re-emphasise the stability dimension of the U.S. relationship with Cairo.

وثيقة استخباراتية تكشف عن مخطط اميركي ضخم للمنطقة


سيناريو “مرعب” في وثيقة إستراتيجية: “عرقنة” اليمن ونسخة “موجهة” من داعش وإغراق السعودية ومصر بالفوضى وإستهداف “ميزانية” الملك سلمان وتمويل حرب طائفية طويلة الأمد بمليارات الدولارات ومقتل مئات الالاف من المسلمين بمذاهبهم المختلفة

وتحدثت الوثيقة التي شارك بإعدادها خبراء أمنيون وإعلاميون يمنيون وفق معلومات “رأي اليوم”، عن كون اليمن تسير على خطى النموذج العراقي والسوري، وأن المخطط الحاصل في المنطقة العربية اكبر بكثير من جزئية صراع يمني يمني أو غيره

ولم تذكر الوثيقة الطريقة التي ستتورط بها “مصر” في المخطط الاميركي، الا انها ذكرت تفصيلا مصير المملكة السعودية المفترض

وتحدث القسم السياسي بصحيفة “عدن الغد” في الجزء الذي قدمه في الوثيقة عن ان الصراع الحاصل في المنطقة العربية يهدف إلى إسقاط اكبر دولتين عربيتين هما “السعودية” و”مصر”، مشيرا الى ان الخطة بدأت منذ مخطط تقسيم العراق طائفيا

وتحدثت الوثيقة عن كون “داعش”، كانت جزءا من المخطط، كـ”قوة غير متخيلة ومنحها قدرة السيطرة على مناطق واسعة من العراق والسعي لأجل تهديد المناطق الشيعية دون إسقاط الكثير منها وبينها العاصمة بغداد”

المخطط المذكور والذي عدّته الوثيقة أميركيا، تضمن “جر السعودية لتمويل حروب طائفية طويلة الأمد”، معتبرة ان “المخاطر الموجودة في العراق ستلزم السعودية بدفع ضريبة هذه الحرب من الميزانية السعودية”

وتحدثت الوثيقة عن كون الولايات المتحدة ” ستدعي أنها ستحارب تنظيم داعش وهي في الحقيقة تعمل خلاف ذلك”، مدللة على ذلك بكون ” قوات داعش لا تزال حتى اليوم تهاجم المدن بقوات ضخمة ولا تتعرض لعملية قصف أميركية واحدة ومن أبرز الأمثلة هجوم داعش على ناحية البغدادي في الـ 12 فبراير 2015″

واضافت الوثيقة ان “الحرب ضد داعش في العراق ستستمر لسنوات قادمة ولن تنتهي ولن تحسم والهدف من كل ذلك إنهاك المملكة السعودية ماليا وزيادة الضغط عليها ونقل المعركة إلى أراضيها لاحقا”

وأشارت الوثيقة إلى ان اليمن ستسيطر القاعدة على عدد من محافظاتها (الوسطى والجنوبية) وهي: شبوة وأبين والوادي بحضرموت والمهرة من الجنوب ومأرب والبيضاء وأجزاء متفرقة من إب، وستبقى عدن وحيدة والمكلا بيد الحكومة ولن تسمح أمريكا بسقوط هذه المناطق كونها مهمة لحركة الملاحة الدولية

وستدعي أميركا أنها ستحارب القاعدة في اليمن وستقنع السعودية بتحمل تكاليف نفقات الحرب وستبدأ الغارات الجوية و”سنشاهد نفس الفيلم العراقي السوري في اليمن” وفق الوثيقة ذاتها

من جانب المجتمع الدولي، فسينقسم على النحو الموجود في النموذج العراقي وستناصر روسيا دولة “الحوثيين” في الشمال وستحول دون أي إجراء سياسي حقيقي لوقف القتال في اليمن وستواصل أمريكا الادعاء بأنها تحارب القاعدة وستطلب دعما أكبر من السعودية

روسيا، ستذهب لادعاء أنها تبحث عن تسوية حقيقية في اليمن مثلما في العراق وستبيع أطنانا من السلاح إلى القوى المتحاربة في اليمن وستقبض أميركا تكاليف الضربات الجوية من السعودية وهنا سيكون كل طرف (أميركا وروسيا) مستفيدا مما يدور.

مع مرور الوقت ستجد السعودية نفسها محاصرة وفق “سياسة الكماشة” الخطر الداهم من الناحية العراقية والخطر الداهم من الناحية اليمنية وستدفع مليارات الدولارات على أمل انتهاء الحرب لكن دون جدوى حينها ستكون “نار” الحرب أضخم من ان تطفئها أي جهود.

السيناريو المذكور في الوثيقة، يتحدث عن تعزيز جهات محسوبة على أميركا دعمها الإعلامي لتنظيم داعش في اليمن مثلما تعمل الآن في العراق ولأجل ضمان رفده بالآلاف من المقاتلين وستتحرك ماكينات إعلامية ضخمة في هذا الإطار

رويدا رويدا ستصل نار الحرب في العراق وفي اليمن إلى الأطراف السعودية وستستنجد المملكة بالحليفة الكبرى “أميركا” لكن دون جدوى حيث سنرى نموذجا مشابها لما حدث في العراق واليمن يندلع في المنطقة الشرقية بالسعودية وغيرها من المناطق وحينها سيتم الإجهاز على السعودية

المرحلة الثالثة من المخطط الأميركي ستتضمن “نقل المعركة إلى الأراضي السعودية وستغرق المملكة في الفوضى القادمة من خلف الحدود ، كما ستستمر هذه الحروب سنوات قادمة ولن يكون فيها منتصر، سيقتل الناس بعضهم بعضا سيقتل مئات الالاف من السنة ومئات الالاف من الشيعة وسيختلط الحابل بالنابل ولن تقوم للعرب قائمة بعدها وستخرج أميركا وحيدة منتصرة من هذه الحرب”، وفق ذات الوثيقة

القوات الخاصة المصرية تنفذ عملية إنزال نوعية في ليبيا – تقرير بالفيديو لقناة الميادين

عرضت فضائية “الميادين” الفلسطينية، تقريرًا حول عملية إنزال القوات المسلحة المصرية التي استهدفت بها معسكر لتنظيم “داعش” الإرهابي في “درنة” شرق ليبيا، واصفة إياها بالنوعية والمعقدة

وأوضح التقرير انتقال القوة المصرية الخاصة 999 من موقع مصري عسكري قرب الحدود مع ليبيا بطائرة عسكرية خاصة بالتنسيق مع القوات الليبية ونفذت الهجوم بمشاركة قوة ليبية خاصة أيضًا

وأشار التقرير إلى أن الهجوم المصري الليبي المفاجئ استهدف معسكر أبو كريم الوهدان التابع للتنظيم، واعتمد على المباغتة واستخدام القوة النارية الكبيرة ما أسفر عن مقتل 155 مسلحًا من “داعش”، وأسر 55 آخرين من جنسيات عربية وأجنبية نقلوا إلى القاهرة على متن طائرات حربية

ولفت التقرير إلى أن الكشف عن هذا الإنزال تزامن مع وجود الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي على الحدود المصرية الليبية وترأسه اجتماعًا كبيرًا في منطقة السلوم ضمّ قادةً عسكريين رفيعي المستوى من الجيشين المصري والليبي في ظل معلومات عن قرار مصري ليبي بوضع خارطة طريق ميدانية لضرب مواقع تنظيم “داعش” على الأراضي الليبية، لا سيما في مدن درنة وسرت ومصراتة وأجدابيا

ولم يتسنى لموقعنا التأكد من صحة المعلومات الوارده فى التقرير حيث انه لم يصدر عن المتحدث العسكرى المصرى اية ايضاحات بخصوص عمليه من هذا النوع

1yr in US custody as ‘civilian detainee’: Declassified files shed light on mysterious ISIS leader

A man purported to be the reclusive leader of the militant Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The leader of ISIS jihadist group and self-proclaimed “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, spent nearly a year in US custody in Iraq in 2004 as a “civilian detainee,” declassified military documents have revealed.

The files were obtained by Business Insider through a Freedom of Information Act request, revealing new details about the mysterious jihadist leader. The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL ) chief was identified by his birth name, Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim Al Badry, in the detainee information records, viewed by the website.

The documents helped determine the time, spent by Baghdadi in US custody, more precisely as there had previously been conflicting reports on the issue.

According to the records, his “capture date” was February 4, 2004, with the detention taking place in Fallujah in central Iraq. Baghdadi was then held in several prison facilities in the country, including Camp Bucca and Camp Adder, with the date of his “release in place” being December 8, the same year.

The papers list him as a “civilian detainee,” meaning that he was not considered a member of any militant group at that time, but was still held for security reasons.

The declassified records identified Baghdadi’s “civilian occupation” as “administrative work (secretary).”

The book called “ISIS: Inside The Army of Terror” by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan claims that Baghdadi was arrested together with Nessayif Numan Nessayif, who was the real target of the US military.

he date of his birth was redacted in the files received by Business Insider, but the website said that the current IS leader was listed as having been 43 years old in 2014. The paper also included details on Baghdadi’s family, revealing that he was married and next of kin was an uncle. However, the names of his family members were also redacted.

The Islamic State has declared a caliphate, with Baghdadi as its ruler, after capturing large parts of Iraqi and Syrian territory last summer. The jihadist group is notorious for its brutality, ethnic cleansings of minorities and executions of Western hostages.

A US-led coalition has been conducting regular airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria since August 2014, with several unconfirmed reports stating that Baghdadi might have been injured in one of the raids.