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Anti-Brotherhood Judge Named Justice Minister in Egypt

Newly appointed Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmed el-Zend (left) is shown during his oath-taking ceremony at the El-Thadiya presidential palace in Cairo on May 20, 2015

Egyptian judge Ahmed el-Zend was sworn in as Egypt’s new justice minister in Cairo on Wednesday .

Zend, who heads an elite group of Egyptian judges, replaced Mahfouz Saber, who quit earlier this month after saying sons of garbage collectors could not become judges.

Zend, a harsh critic of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, Prior to his appointment as justice minister,

Zend was head of the Egyptian Judge’s Club, an elite Egyptian social club, as well as head of the Cairo Court of Appeals.

Ahmed el-Zend, a former appeals court judge, has in contrast to his predecessor been publicly outspoken in his criticism of the Islamist movement removed from power in mid-2013 by the army and banned as a terrorist organisation.

Egyptians viewed Zend’s appointment as a strong statement against the  the Muslim Brotherhood and  the January 25 conspiracy

Islamic State’s Egypt affiliate urges attacks on judges

Egyptian spy Mohamed Morsy

Egyptian spy Mohamed Morsi

The leader of Sinai Province, a militant group in Egypt with links to Islamic State, called on followers to attack judges in an audio statement posted on a prominent jihadist website on Wednesday.

A spate of attacks targeting judges suggests they are the latest targets of an Islamist insurgency centered in North Sinai that has killed hundreds of Egyptian security forces in the past two years.

Cleric Abu Osama al-Masry said, referring to judges. “Poison their food… surveil them at home and in the street… destroy their homes with explosives if you can.


Three Egyptian judges were killed after news broke that Egyptian spy Mohamed Morsi would be sentenced to death

Last Saturday , Gunmen shot dead three Egyptian judges  in the strife-torn Sinai Peninsula, where security forces are battling an Islamist insurgency spearheaded by an affiliate of the Islamic State group,

The shooting wounded three other judges in North Sinai’s provincial capital El-Arish, and came hours after a court in Cairo sentenced egyptian spy Mohamed Morsi to death for his role in a mass jailbreak during the 2011 uprising.

Some of Morsi’s fellow defendants included jihadists in Sinai, where militants have regularly carried out attacks against policemen and soldiers. The judges came under attack while they were travelling by car from the canal city of Ismailiya to El-Arish for a court hearing.