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Over 41 killed, dozens wounded as twin suicide bombings rock Beirut

Residents inspect a damaged area caused by two explosions in Beirut’s southern suburbs, Lebanon November 12, 2015.

Two suspected suicide bombings in the southern suburbs of Beirut have left at least 41 people dead, Reuters reports citing the Interior Ministry. The death toll is expected to rise with Lebanon’s Red Cross putting the number of those injured at 181.

Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for the explosions.

The first blast occurred outside a Shiite Mosque, while the other took place inside a nearby bakery just before 6 p.m. The suicide bombers were wearing explosives vests, AFP reports.

The second bomb reportedly went off seven minutes later as passers-by tried to help those injured in the initial blast.

A potential third attacker was killed before he managed to blow himself up. He was found dead with his legs torn off but still wearing an explosives’ belt, a Lebanese security official reported, according to AP.

The explosions rocked the commercial area in the southern Borj al-Barajneh suburb of the Lebanese capital, BNO News reported. The busy neighborhood is regarded a stronghold of Shiite movement Hezbollah.

Hospitals in the south of Beirut are encouraging people to donate blood due to an unprecedented number of casualties.

People are also asked to leave the area since their presence is hindering ambulances from taking the injured to medical institutions. There is still the possibility of further attacks being carried out.

The Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam has declared a day of national mourning on Friday November 13, following the deadly attacks.

In response, Hezbollah fighters have promised to keep on fighting against the terrorists saying, “It’s a long fight between us,” Reuters reports.

Lebanon has been rocked by several explosions this year, which have killed dozens of people. The latest attack saw a bomb blast in the town of Arsal, near the Syrian border. The bomb was hidden in a motorcycle and killed six people, according to the National News Agency.

‘Assured unacceptable damage’: Russian TV accidentally leaks secret ‘nuclear torpedo’ design

The Kremlin has confirmed “some secret data” was accidentally leaked when Russian TV stations broadcast material apparently showing blueprints from a nuclear torpedo, designed to be used against enemy coastal installations.

During President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with military officials in Sochi, where the development of Russia’s military capabilities were being discussed, a number of TV crews were able to capture footage of a paper that was certainly not meant for public viewing.

The presentation slide titled “Ocean Multipurpose System: Status-6” showed some drawings of a new nuclear submarine weapons system. It is apparently designed to bypass NATO radars and any existing missile defense systems, while also causing heavy damage to “important economic facilities” along the enemy’s coastal regions.

The footnote to the slide stated that Status-6 is intended to cause “assured unacceptable damage” to an adversary force. Its detonation “in the area of the enemy coast” would result in “extensive zones of radioactive contamination” that would ensure that the region would not be used for “military, economic, business or other activity” for a “long time.”

According to the blurred information provided in the slide, the system represents a massive torpedo, designated as “self-propelled underwater vehicle,” with a range of up to 10 thousand kilometers and capable of operating at a depth of up to 1,000 meters.

It remains unclear if such a system is indeed being developed or the slide was presented as just one of the options the Russian military could hypothetically offer. However, according to the leaked paper, the weapons system could be developed by the Rubin design bureau for marine engineering, and may potentially be delivered using nuclear-powered “Project 09852” and “Project 09851” submarines.Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that major TV channels had leaked some classified data on Tuesday following the meeting in Sochi.

“It is true some secret data got into the shot, and it was subsequently deleted,” Peskov said on Wednesday. “We hope that this won’t happen again.”

During Tuesday’s meeting Putin stressed that Russia will counter NATO’s US-led missile shield program through new “strike systems capable of penetrating any missile defenses.”

“Over the past three years, companies of the military-industrial complex have created and successfully tested a number of prospective weapons systems that are capable of performing combat missions in a layered missile defense system,” Putin said. “Such systems have already begun to enter the military this year. And now we are talking about development of new types of weapons.”


السعودية تقرر مواصلة رحلاتها إلى شرم الشيخ دعما للسياحة المصرية

وجه العاهل السعودي الخطوط الجوية العربية السعودية، باستمرار تسيير رحلاتها إلى شرم الشيخ من الرياض وجدة، دعما للسياحة المصرية التي تلقت ضربة موجعة بعد حادثة الطائرة الروسية

وذكرت وكالة الأنباء الرسمية السعودية “واس”، أن الملك سلمان بن عبدالعزيز أكد ثقته التامة في أن الأمن والجيش المصري والحكومة قادرون على حماية أمن واستقرار مصر، تحت قيادة الرئيس عبدالفتاح السيسي

وتأتي هذه الخطوة بعدما تداعت الثقة الدولية في الأمان الذي توفره مصر للسياح على خلفية سلسلة من الأحداث اَخرها كان كارثة الطائرة الروسية التي أودت بحياة جميع ركابها البالغ عددهم 217 راكبا إضافة إلى أفراد طاقمها الـ7، حيث قررت روسيا، التي يشكل سياحها نحو 30% من إجمالي عدد السياح الذين يزورون مصر، تعليق الرحلات الجوية إلى مصر وتأمين عودة رعاياها إلى روسيا

وبالإضافة إلى روسيا قررت بريطانيا، التي تحتل المركز الثاني في قائمة الدول المصدرة للسياحة إلى مصر، تعليق الرحلات والقيام بإجلاء رعاياها من مصر. كما قررت شركات طيران خليجية منها “طيران الإمارات” و”فلاي دبي” و”العربية” في وقت سابق، تغيير مسارات رحلاتها بعيدا عن سيناء كاحتياط أمني، إلى أن يصبح هناك وضوح أكثر

على إثر ذلك، قدر وزير السياحة المصري هشام زعزوع خسائر مصر جراء قرار روسيا وبريطانيا تعليق الرحلات الجوية إليها بعد تحطم طائرة الركاب الروسية في شبه جزيرة سيناء بنحو 281 مليون دولار شهريا

وتشكل عائدات قطاع السياحة 11.5% من إجمالي الدخل القومي للبلاد. وتحتل روسيا المركز الأول في قائمة الدول المصدرة للسياحة إلى مصر، حيث بلغ عدد المواطنين الروس الذين قصدوا مصر بهدف السياحة عام 2014 نحو 3.16 ملايين سائح، تليها بريطانيا، وتأتي ألمانيا في المرتبة الثالثة

Hillary Clinton emails: More emails found that former Secretary of State failed to disclose

Hillary Clinton has announced a sweeping plan to ease the financial burden on young Americans going to college and pull down interest rates on those who have already graduated with large loans still to pay off Getty

Hillary Clinton has announced a sweeping plan to ease the financial burden on young Americans going to college and pull down interest rates on those who have already graduated with large loans still to pay off Getty

The Obama administration has discovered a further chain of emails that Hillary Clinton failed to disclose when giving over a supposed full record of work related correspondence during her time as Secretary of State.

The Democrat front runner came under fire earlier this year for using a private email account when in government office. She has since stated she has handed over the entirety of her work emails.

The messages uncovered today were exchanged between Mrs Clinton and General David Petraeus, when he headed the US military’s Central Command, in charge of running the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They began before Mrs Clinton started as Secretary of State and continued into her early days in the role.

Officials have stated the emails are largely personal, however it calls into question Mrs Clinton’s claim on the CBS television network this week that “we provided all of them”, when asked whether she had disclosed the messages from her private account.

The FBI and several congressional committees are investigating.

A State Department spokesman James Kirby the agency will incorporate the newly discovered emails into a review of record retention practices that Clinton’s successor, John Kerry, has intiated.

He added: “We have also informed Congress of this matter.”

These steps are unlikely to satisfy Mrs Clinton’s critics from the Republican party.

A House committee plans to hold a public hearing with Mrs Clinton next month about what her emails might reveal about the attack on a US diplomatic outpost in Libya that killed four Americans in 2012.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s Republican chairman said this week he wants the Justice Department to tell him if a criminal investigation is under way into Mrs Clinton’s use of private emails.

The favourite for the Democrat party’s Presidential nomination has continually denied wrongdoing.

Earlier this week Mrs Clinton said: “When I did it, it was allowed, it was above board.

“And now I’m being as transparent as possible, more than anybody else ever has been.”

Brian Fallon, the Clinton campaign’s press secretary, wrote on Twitter earlier today: “We always said the emails given to State dated back only to March 09. That was when she started using http://clintonemail.com.”