Istanbul police fire tear gas, water cannon at protest over killing of top Kurdish lawyer

Police fire tear gas and water cannon at protesters in streets of Istanbul in violent clashes following death of high-profile Kurdish lawyer

  • Prominent Kurdish lawyer shot dead in Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey
  • Tahir Elci, 49, was facing a prison sentence for supporting Kurdish rebels
  • Protesters and police are clashing violently tonight in streets of Istanbul
  • Police used tear gas and water cannon in attempt to disperse protesters 

Police and protesters are clashing in violent skirmishes in the streets of Istanbul tonight, following the ‘assassination’ of a prominent lawyer and human rights defender today.

Tahir Elci, who was facing a prison term on charges of supporting Kurdish rebels, was killed in an attack in southeast Turkey which also killed at least one police officer.

The high-profile lawyer was shot while he and other lawyers made a press statement, according to the mayor of Diyarbakir city, Firat Anli.