Syrian Army Gains Control Over Key Point in Latakia Near Turkish Border

The Syrian army has gained control over strategic point in Latakia near Turkish border with the assitance of people’s militia, military source told RIA Novosti.

The Syrian army has regained strategic point near Al-Nusra Front HQ in Salma (Northern Latakia), located 12 km away from Turkish border.

“After all of the terrorists and their strongholds were destroyed, the army, which was supported by National Defense Forces regained control over the strategic al-Nuba mountain in Northern Latakia,” the source said.Retaking al-Nuba will enable the Syrian Army to control three approaches to the city of Salma: from the west, south and east. To the north of Salma, the border with Turkey remains uncontrolled.

Syria has been mired in civil war since 2011, with the government fighting against numerous opposition factions and extremist groups such as the Daesh (ISIL/ISIS).