Russia’s position on Syria is strong for its honesty and persistence – Putin

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin explained strength of the Russian position on Syria by honesty and persistence.

“Not only openness, but persistence and, I can say, honesty of the position (of Russia on Syria) – make it strong,” he said in an interview for the World Order film by Vladimir Solovyev, which Rossiya1 broadcasted in its Vesti Nedeli programme on Sunday.

While speaking about the crisis in Syria, Putin said for Russia it is “easy to be working both with President Assad and with the U.S. side. I have discussed it recently with President Obama, and with our counterparts from Saudi Arabia, from other Arab countries,” Putin said. “Why easy? We are not waving tail and do not change the position.”

While explaining Russia’s position on the Syrian settlement, the president added: “First, we asked the people: this way or not, do you agree or not.”

“In fact, on basic parameters of the settlement everyone said “Yes,” and then we worded our position on the components, which are common and acceptable, and now we do not have to be jumping back and forwards as a ‘lassoed flea’.”

The Russian position, he said, “is based on our dialogues, which making our position strong.”

The president said he always tries not to breach the undertaken obligations, “not to breach the obligations we claim to be obligations of this country.”

He explained he behaved so not that much for the moral principles, but rather for pragmatic reasons. “This way it is easier to work,” he said.