Syrian army destroys leader of “Syrian Revolutionaries Front” in Damascus province

The Syrian army has destroyed the leader of the “Syrian Revolutionaries Front” Mohammed al-Masaalm, Syrian Armed Forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Ali Maihub said on Sunday.

Maihub told journalists that al-Masaalm was killed in the province of Damascus. “A large number of terrorists were destroyed, including the leader of the so-called ‘Syrian Revolutionaries Front’ Mohammed al-Masaalm,” he said.

“The Syrian army destroyed armored vehicles with terrorists and three vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns to the south of the Al-Manchiya district in the city of Daraa, and delivered strikes at terrorist groups in a refugee camp to the south of the Busra Square, to the south of a boy’s school, to the south of the Energy Company building, along the road of Daraa-Mahapta,” Maihub added.