Egypt, France conduct joint military exercise off the Mediterranean


Egypt and France began on Sunday a joint military exercise termed as the “Ramses-2016” in the coastal city of Alexandria along the Mediterranean.

According to Egyptian military, the joint venture off the coast of Egypt will go on for several weeks. This includes both air and naval forces training together to strengthen both military in combating threats.

“Both Navy and Air forces of Egypt and France have commenced a team exercise called the Ramses-2016 in Egypt and this joint venture will go on for several weeks off the coast of Alexandria (north) and in the Egyptian airspace,” read the press statement released by the Egyptian military.


The drill is aimed at “sharing our expertise with the Egyptian military, one of our main Middle East partners,” the French defense ministry said at the time.

France also had announced the maneuvers on Tuesday saying the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, which is being used to launch airstrikes on ISIS in Syria and Iraq, would also take part.

On December 19, the Charles de Gaulle carrier took command in the Gulf of the naval contingent operating as part of the international coalition fighting the jihadist IS group.

‘Ramses-2016’ wargames are held amid reports that western countries are gearing up for military intervention in next-door Libya