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Responding to an article by Reuters , which headlined : Egypt jails key figures of 2011 uprising


Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douma , Mohamed Adel , and Alaa Abdel Fattah are not Political activists or symbols of the protest movement that ignited the revolt in 2011.

They  just traitors and mercenaries been trained by agents of intelligence services in Serbia and  other to drop the Egyptian state

Their sentences ( today- sunday ) include prison labor and fines of 50,000 Egyptian pounds each, only for violating a law that requires police permission for demonstrations.( general law )

The trial (soon ) for allegedly collaborating with countries , allegedly finance from  foreign organizations , conspiracy  .. the execution waiting  all of  them, and all the traitors .

Ahmed Doma  admits on air that he attacked police officers and kidnapped some of them and beat them up during the events of January 25th , saying that there is no such a peaceful revolution as mentioned by some media outlets.. He also admit that he burned the Scientific Research Institute (Which has an unprecedented human heritage) by throwing Molotov bottles on it..

On the other hand I would like to ask the members of the U.S. Congress about the procedures followed in case that someone attempt to storm the building of the Ministry of Defense or the U.S. intelligence building or the White House..??

Well, this’s exactly what  Mohamed Adel , member of the April 6 Movement .. he got caught by cameras while he break into the state security building with another person and steal files and CDs with highly confidential information affecting Egypt’s national security.., then he sell these information to a private U.S. company operating in the field of publishing, has a close relationship with the C.I.A .

Mohamed Adel , Foreign funding

This is Alaa Abdel Fattah calls for cutting the hand of the army, the police and the Egyptian judiciary ( the three pillars of the state ).

Ahmed Maher  a founder of the April 6 movement,. was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011??  Nobel Prize for Betrayal  !!!!

Ahmed Maher , Foreign funding


Ahmed Maher & Mohamed Adel , Foreign funding

TO :

( Amr Aly ) Yes , it’s a coup .. but against The great conspiracy which 6 April movement participated in .

( Sally Toma ) Yes , you are enemies of the state,will not get away with what you did .

(  Reuter )  Chose your reporters and tell the truth .

   By : khaled Abd Elaziz , Tamer Abo El-Hoda