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Obama Won’t Put Personal Info Into Obamacare Database

65680Barack Obama recently submitted to mounting pressure to join his subjects on the healthcare exchange by signing up for a “bronze” plan. Of course, the Obamas will never have to worry about their own health coverage as he remains covered by the military; but the announcement of his enrollment was supposed to indicate solidarity with the commoners forced to accept this incredibly unpopular law.

Instead, his staged publicity stunt only raised more questions regarding his personal data.

A White House statement cited the “complicated nature of the president’s case” in explaining why an “in-person sign-up” was required.

Furthermore, official sources confirm Obama’s personal information is not included in the database used by the healthcare exchange in determining a user’s identity. While the White House claims the omission is due to security concerns, many skeptics wonder if Obama is unable to provide such documentation because none exists.

The announcement of his difficult enrollment ignited further debate regarding his eligibility to be president. Just two weeks after the Hawaiian health official who authenticated Obama’s birth certificate was killed in a suspicious plane crash, this anomaly adds more fuel to the already heated dispute.

Though it is true Obama requires greater security than the average citizen, he is far from the only American whose personal data is especially sensitive. There are no in-person sign-ups for these individuals, though, as their identifying information is apparently comingling with everyone else’s in the exchange database.

Even taken at face value, the White House’s justification illustrates the glaring potential for security breaches within the exchanges. Despite those lurking dangers, the only person whose data is omitted from the program is the very man who subjected the rest of the country to the disastrous boondoggle.

In addition to the eligibility fracas, Obama’s enrollment showcased his deep disconnect from ordinary Americans. While millions receive cancellation notices from their preferred insurer and are forced to navigate a complicated and ineffective bureaucratic maze in order to find a replacement plan, Obama received personal guidance as he vacationed in Hawaii.

Still, the process was so convoluted his enrollment was not publicized until days after it happened.

With seemingly endless extensions and waivers related to the law, it is painfully apparent ObamaCare proponents sold America a bill of goods. Each time Obama tries to rectify the situation – such as his enrollment during yet another taxpayer-funded vacation – he exposes yet another layer of embarrassment.

Obama Won’t Put Personal Info Into Obamacare Database.


Obama’s father was abusive, his half-brother says


(CNN)Barack Obama’s father was more abusive and violent than the president was aware of, according to his half-brother, who has written a memoir about their father.

Mark Obama Ndesandjo, who is several years younger than the President, described their father as a brilliant man. But he was also an alcoholic, a “social failure” and an abusive husband, he said.

“I remember the sounds of my mothers’ screams and I remember the sounds of breaking, things breaking,” he told CNN. “And I remember that I couldn’t protect her. That’s something that no child ever forgets.”

He said he especially remembered a violent episode when he was 6 or 7.

“My father actually broke — came in the door, against the restraining order, and held a knife to my mother’s throat,” he said.

Barack Obama apparently met their father once because his parents got divorced soon after he was born. Ndesandjo and the president have the same father, but Obama’s mother was the second wife while Ndesandjo’s mother was his third wife.

Unlike Obama, Ndesandjo grew up with his father.

The president is lucky he never lived with his father, according to David Maraniss, author of “Barack Obama: The Story.”

“It would have been a much more difficult upbringing,” he said.

Divergent views of family history have caused some strain among Obama relatives, according to Ndesandjo.

“Barack I don’t think accepts — or at least does not want to know — the details of the beatings that occurred in our family,” he said. “I love my brother. He’s a great president. Sometimes he’s a lousy brother.”

The White House did not respond to e-mails and phone calls Thursday about the president’s half-brother’s book. But in a 2009 interview with CNN, the president said he was not blind to the flaws of his father.

“It’s no secret that my father was a troubled person. Anybody who has read my first book, “Dreams from My Father,” knows that, you know, he had an alcoholism problem, that he didn’t treat his families very well,” he said. “Obviously it’s a sad part of my history and my background. But it’s not something that I spend a lot of time brooding over.”

Ndesandjo and Obama have several things in common: similar good looks, biracial ethnicity, the same father and each had an American mother.

Despite their similarities, this is not the first time the two have been at odds.

When they first met in Kenya in the 1980s, Ndesandjo was growing up there and trying to connect with his American roots, he said.

At the time, Obama came from America and was “really looking for that African side of him, and was trying to find more about himself and his identity. And I respect that. But I also felt that there was a rejection of a lot of Western culture,” Ndesandjo said.

“I felt that my brother — at that time – felt that I was too white,” he said. “And I thought he was too black.”

When they first met, Ndesandjo said, his half-brother came on strong. “That imposing voice, and also that commanding presence — he was almost like a barracuda with his questions,” Ndesandjo said.

But even if their diverging views of the Obama family’s history sometimes put the two siblings at odds, Ndesandjo said there were also things he was grateful for. His brother’s example, he said, helped him re-embrace the Obama name that he had long shunned.

And some years ago, when they met after 20 years of separation, they shared some good times.

“We laughed, and we hugged, and that was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. And Barack made it possible,” he said.

Ndesandjo, who lives near Hong Kong, hopes to raise awareness of domestic violence when the book is published in February. Some of the proceeds, he said, will go to his foundation for disadvantaged children.

Obama’s father was abusive, his half-brother says – CNN.com.

Obama’s uncle contradicts White House, says Obama stayed with him in 1980s

President Obama’s uncle said at a deportation hearing Tuesday that Obama stayed with him while he was a student at Harvard Law School in the 1980s — despite the White House having said that Obama never met the man.

Onyango “Omar” Obama, 69, was arrested for drunk driving in 2011 and faced deportation after living in the United States for five decades. The judge decided to let the Kenyan national remain in the United States.

According to the Boston Globe, Omar Obama also made the following claim:


And this from landlord Alfred Ouma, who served as a witness at the hearing:


The White House said following Omar Obama’s arrest that he and the president had never met. The president was not close to his father’s side of the family given his father’s absence in his life.

The White House has not commented on Omar Obama’s claim.

Omar Obama came to the United States when he was 19, with the help of his brother, Barack Obama Sr. He currently works as the manager of a liquor store.

He is the second of Obama’s relatives to face deportation and win. Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, also avoided deportation in 2010.

Obama’s uncle contradicts White House, says Obama stayed with him in 1980s.

In Egypt, it’s ‘moderate Muslims vs. Obama brothers’

malik-and-barack-obama-at-the-white-houseNEW YORK – The Egyptian Air Force officer currently residing in the United States who has pressed terrorist charges in Egypt against President Obama’s half-brother Malik has characterized the decision of the Egyptian government to prosecute the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a conflict of “moderate Muslims vs. the Obama brothers.”

As Jan. 8, 2014, approaches and Egypt prepares for the next appearance in court of former president Mohamed Morsi and the 14 Muslim Brotherhood leaders facing charges of incitement to murder, Sadek Raouf Ebeid believes the Obama brothers will be implicated because of their support for the Brotherhood in Egypt.

Ebeid was the man who last August filed Complaint No. 1761 with the office of Egyptian Attorney General Hisham Barakat, accusing Malik Obama of managing investment funds for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In a letter addressed to WND, translated and published on the website of Arab-language researcher Walid Shoebat, Ebeid noted the promptness with which Barakat responded to the filing of his complaint.

“Impeachable Offenses: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office” is available, autographed, at WND’s Superstore

He said the quick response to his request that Malik be placed on the Egyptian terrorist watch list reflected not just the efficiency of Ebeid’s lawyer in Egypt, Ahmed el-Ganzory, but also the degree to which this case “resonated with the feelings of the majority of moderate Muslims in the Arab world.”

WND reported in September that Ebeid’s complaint cited Malik for managing funds for both the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Islamic Dawa Organization, or IDO, in Sudan.

Earlier this month, WND reported Egyptian lawyers have filed criminal terrorism charges in the International Criminal Court against President Obama, in addition to the criminal terrorism charges previously filed in Egyptian courts against Malik.

The charges filed in the ICC assert President Obama coordinated, incited and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes against humanity, including the torching, destruction and plundering of some 85 Christian churches from March 7 through Aug. 18 in Egypt.

‘Two distinct understandings of Islam’

Ebeid says moderate Muslims in Egypt are working to criminalize the radical activities of the Muslim Brotherhood that controlled the Morsi government to enable Egypt to return to a more tolerant situation in which Christians and Jews are not persecuted.

Ebeid wrote:

One has to admit that there are two distinct understandings of Islam.

A moderate, peaceful understanding of Islam that is lead by the Egyptian Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmed el-Tayeb, an Egyptian Sheikh, who has studied philosophy in Paris and is currently the head of Al Azhar Mosque. I am proud to be the first to nominate el-Tayeb for the Nobel peace prize, for his role in spreading the moderate understanding of Islam, referred to in Arabic as “Al Islam Al Wasati.”

The majority of the thirty-three million Egyptians who flooded the streets of Egypt in June 2013 were predominantly moderate Muslims.

While some political commentators may continue to argue whether this event was a coup or a revolution, any objective historian will admit that it was a human earthquake. It was a human earthquake that shook the ground of the Middle East, taking the Arab world out of the dark ages and into the Arab renaissance.

More than ever, Egyptians adhered to the moderate version of Islam, (“Al Islam Al Wasati”). This version is symbolized by the Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb. He was the man whom the military Generals in Egypt consulted with and whose blessings were obtained, while etching into stone, the post-revolution road map.

In contrast to the earlier teachings of Egypt’s deposed president Morsi, who was recorded in 2010, saying that Arabs need to nurse their children on hatred of the Jews, Egypt’s pending constitution has a third amendment guaranteeing the right of Jews to practice their faith in Egypt.

Ebeid was asked how this relates to President Obama and his brother Malik:

Recently, Egypt’s only lady to ever sit on the Supreme court bench in the Arab world, Judge Tahani el-Gibally (al-Jebali) has made a declaration that has shaken all Egyptians & International observers worldwide. Per her testimony that we included in Case 1761 that I filed on August, 24th 2013, she confirmed what prominent investigative reporters in the US have published earlier.

The Shoebat Foundation has published photos and indisputable evidence that a gentleman by the name of Malik Obama, is serving as the right arm of General al-Bashir.

Photos of Malik Obama participating in an al-Bashir-sponsored organization are now on the desk of Egypt’s A.G., Hisham Barakat, which seeks to question Malik.

Soon after the case was filed, El Ganzory was permitted to serve Malik Obama with papers. He did so at the Kenyan embassy. Recently, after being called back to the embassy, the papers were returned to El Ganzory with a message that Malik is not in Kenya at this time and could not be served. El Ganzory was told Malik is in the U.S. I expect the next course of action to be that papers will be presented to the American embassy so that Malik can be properly served.

The Egyptian judicial system will not be intimidated by who Malik Obama’s brother is. While the writer of this article is proud to be a U.S. physician who deeply respects the USA, he cannot change history. Egypt had a high court in place when Christopher Columbus was still lost on the high seas.

While the US is definitely a major power politically, financially & militarily, Egypt’s deep-rooted judicial system is a lethal weapon of its own. It has already brought two of its own presidents to trial.

Bringing the brother of another country’s sitting president will not be an uphill battle!

In August, WND reported that Tehani al-Gebali, the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, gave a speech and participated in an interview broadcast on Egyptian television, identifying Malik Obama as “a major architect” managing investments for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

WND also reported in August the Egyptian government planned to introduce evidence the Obama administration paid bribes as large as $850,000 to individually named Muslim Brotherhood leaders, through the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

Attacks on Coptic Christians

The Muslim Brotherhood’s seizing of power in Egypt and its subsequent government led to attacks on the country’s Coptic Christians.

Middle East expert Raymond Ibrahim said in a paper published Nov. 12 on the website of the Gatestone Institute that the attacks began with the June 30 Revolution that “saw the ousting of President Morsi and prompted the Muslim Brotherhood to scapegoat and incite violence against the Copts.”

Ibrahim reported the attacks became “even more brutal in mid-August after security forces cleared out Muslim Brotherhood ‘sit in’ camps, where people were being tortured, raped, and murdered.”

He noted the attacks were especially devastating in Minya in Upper Egypt, where the large Christian community was hit especially hard, with at least 20 attacks on churches, Christian schools and orphanages.

According to Ibrahim, the goal of the radical Muslims in their attack on the Copts in Egypt was “to erase all the traces of a Christian presence,” such that even the orphanages were looted and destroyed.

Earlier, in an article titled “Attacks on Christians Escalate in Egypt, Nigeria” published by the Gatestone Institute Sept. 19, Ibrahim wrote:

On July 4th, the day after the Egyptian military liberated its nation from Muslim Brotherhood rule, Christian Copts were immediately scapegoated and targeted. All Islamist leaders—from Brotherhood supreme leader Muhammad Badi, to Egyptian-born al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri, to top Sunni cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi—made a point to single out Egypt’s Copts as especially instrumental in the ousting of former Islamist president Morsi, a claim that ushered in a month of slaughter against the nation’s Christian minority.

Although religious violence by Muslims against Christians remains largely unreported in the mainstream media in the United States, Ibrahim warned that persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is on the way “to reaching pandemic proportions.”

 In Egypt, it’s ‘moderate Muslims vs. Obama brothers’.

Khaled Abdel Aziz writing : Now means Now Mr Obama

10 copyYour brother , your ally” Erdogan “as well as six  executives In your administration are Muslim Brotherhood .. are you too ? Mr Obama

let me begin with ” Who is Malik Obama

Born in Kenya, on March 15, 1958, Abongo Malik “Roy” Obama was the first child born to Barack Obama Sr. The son of Kezia, Obama Sr.’s first wife, Malik was only 18 months old when Barack Obama Sr. arrived in New York Aug. 8, 1959, on a BOAC flight in transit from Kenya to begin his undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. Having abandoned Kezia in Kenya, Obama Sr. subsequently married Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama Jr.’s mother, while in Honolulu, according to the account Obama relates in his autobiography “Dreams from My Father ”

Obama family portrait taken in Kenya. Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama stands to Barack Obama Jr.’s immediate left

Obama family portrait taken in Kenya. Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama stands to Barack Obama Jr.’s immediate left

What ‘s the relation between Malik Obama and the terrorist Islamic organizations,

According to the researcher Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operativethe relationship between President Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama and Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir is much closer than previously thought. Malik is the Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) as reported by all major Saudi press, including Okaz.

How significant is this?

Very significant. The IDO has been created by the Sudanese Government, which is considered by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist state. This places Malik Obama in bed with terrorists and working as an official with a terrorist state. Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on seven counts relating to crimes against humanity. As such, Bashir is the head of a country that the U.S. State Department has identified as a State Sponsor of terrorism, a designation issued in 1993. In 2010, Malik Obama attended the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) conference in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. One of the objectives of the IDO is to spread Wahhabist Islam across the African continent. Bashir wasn’t just present at the conference; he supervised it. In this photo, from the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) website, headed by Malik, Bashir can be seen dressed in black, to the right. Another man to take notice of is seated directly to the right of Bashir; his name is Suar Al Dahab (more on him later):

According to the researcher Walid Shoebat, too :

President Obama’s Brother works for Organization Founded by man connected to Masterminds of both World Trade Center attacks

The half-brother of the President of the United States is the Executive Secretary of an organization that was founded by an Sudanese Islamic terrorist – Hassan al-Turabi – who was extremely close with the masterminds behind each World Trade Center attack (2/26/93 and 9/11/01). As the Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), Malik Obama is connected to Sudan’s genocidal President Omar al-Bashir, through the IDO. Consider that Turabi was proven to be connected to the “blind Sheikh”, who was the mastermind of the first World Trade Center attack (bombing) in 1993. In 1994, the Clinton administration’s Secretary of State – Warren Christopher – “placed Sudan on the list of state sponsors of terrorism” and it’s been there ever since.

Malik Obama at podium during IDO Confernece

Malik Obama at podium during IDO Confernece

Malik’s tax-exempt problems :

New evidence linking him to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and establishing that controversial IRS supervisor Lois Lerner signed his tax-exempt approval letter . WND reported in May that funds contributed in the U.S. to a 501(c)3 foundation run by Malik Obama have been diverted to support Malik’s multiple wives in Kenya, an expert on Islamic extremism has charged. Lois Lerner, the director of the IRS tax-exempt division currently under congressional investigation, signed the letter approving tax-exempt status for the Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation. Lerner, currently on paid executive leave from her IRS supervisory position, took the Fifth Amendment before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on May 22 rather than answer questions on inappropriate criteria used by her IRS department to delay or otherwise deny tax-exempt status for tea party and “patriot” groups.

Shoebat has detailed his allegations in a 22-page investigative report titled “New IRS Scandal: Islamic Extremism and Sex Slaves: Report Reveals Obama’s Relatives Run Charities of Deceit,” published on his website .After a thorough examination of available evidence, Shoebat explained to WND his allegations against the Obama family tax-exempt foundations:

When Malik Obama and Sarah Obama raised money in the United States as the respective heads of foundations claiming to be charities, not only did the Internal Revenue Service illegally grant one of them tax-deductible status retroactively, but these foundations have supported – to varying degrees – illegal operations that acquire funding for personal gain, philandering, polygamy and the promotion of Wahhabism, the brand of Islam practiced by Al-Qaeda. For the past two years, since long before the current IRS scandals became public, WND has been reporting irregularities in two IRS-approved 501(c)3 organizations operated in the U.S. by Obama’s half-brother and step-grandmother in Kenya. WND reported in September 2011 the Barack H. Obama Foundation apparently received IRS approval one month after an application was submitted in May 2011. The IRS determination letter June 11, 2011, granted a highly irregular retroactive tax-exempt approval only after the group came under fire for operating as a 501(c)3 foundation since 2008 without ever having applied to the IRS.

In October 2012, WND reported a separate foundation, the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, created on behalf of Obama’s step-grandmother in Kenya, has transferred funds, 90 percent of which are raised from U.S. individuals and corporations, to send Kenyan students to the top three most radical Wahhabist madrassas in Saudi Arabia.

Since its founding in 2008, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, operating out of a commercial mail drop in Arlington, Va., has solicited tax-deductible contributions on the Internet, listing addresses and telephone numbers both in the U.S. and Kenya, without disclosing the group lacked an IRS determination letter. In September 2011, the IRS confirmed to WND that the Barack H. Obama Foundation had received a determination letter in June 2011, awarding the group tax-exempt 501(c)3 status retro-actively to 2008

irs-form barack obama foundation

irs-form barack obama foundation

What ‘s the relation between Malik Obama and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

According to an Egyptian report citing the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Tehani al-Gebali ;


Iron Lady Tehani al-Gebali
the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt

Malik Obama’s oversight of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investments is one reason for the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Gebali said she would like “to inform the American people that their president’s brother Obama is one of the architects of the major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood.” she said too. “We need to open the files and begin court sessions. “The Obama administration know that they supported terrorism,” she continued. “We will open the files so these nations are exposed, to show how they collaborated with [the terrorists]. It is for this reason that the American administration fights us.”


Mr. Obama supports Egypt Mursi and terrorist Brotherhood .. Mr. Obama and his brother are key players in international financial investment for these terrorist groups .. Mr. Obama wants to destroy Libya, Tunisia, Syria and Egypt to deliver the full Middle East for these terrorist groups Which as take a control of  power will go immediately to destroy America and Europe according to their faith .. Scandals ..Scandals ..The biggest upcoming

Let me ask you frankly …..All your friends and your allies even your family are..Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups .. All of them ..  Are you too ? Mr Obama

Wake up, American people ..   It’s time to say goodbye to your presidentbefore destroying your country and the world .. American people ..  say to Obama: Get out now    NOW MEANS NOW.. MR. OBAMA