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Breaking news | Assad wins Syria election with 88.7%


Bashar Assad has won a landslide victory in the Syrian presidential poll with 88.7 percent of the vote. This will secure him a third seven-year term in office amidst a bloody civil war, which stemmed from protests against his rule.

I declare the victory of Dr Bashar Hafez Assad as president of the Syrian Arab Republic with an absolute majority of the votes cast in the election,” parliament speaker Mohammad Laham said in a televised address from his office in the Syrian parliament.

A total of 10.2 million people voted for Assad. The voter turnout stood at 73.42 percent. No violations have been reported, Syria’s Higher Judicial Committee for Elections said as quoted by SANA news agency.

Syrian officials said the result was a vindication of Assad’s three-year campaign against those fighting to get rid of him.

This was the first multi-candidate presidential election in Syria for almost 50 years. The other two candidates for the top post were Hassan Abdullah Nouri, from the National Initiative for Administration and Change in Syria, and Maher Abd Al-Hafiz Hajjar, formerly from the People’s Will Party.

Despite the high turnout figures, residents of some areas in the country’s north and east were obstructed from voting by rebel forces.

The conflict in Syria has already killed 160,000 people and created nearly 3 million refugees, as well as displacing more people inside Syria.

But while opposition groups inside Syria and most countries in the West have denounced the election as a sham, many Syrians are supporting President Assad and see him as the only option to return stability to the country.

This is our duty, we can’t allow people from outside the country to decide for us. Our duty is to vote – or order to protect our country,” Usam Hammami, a resident in the capital Damascus, told RT’s Maria Finoshina.

Russia and Iran both supported the election and Assad himself has said that it is part of his efforts to meet the opposition’s demands.

People took to streets in the different Syrian and Lebanese cities, celebrating President Assad win.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (C) and his wife Asma al-Assad (R) casting their votes at a polling station in Maliki, a residential area in the centre of the capital Damascus, in the country's presidential elections on June 3, 2014

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (C) and his wife Asma al-Assad (R) casting their votes at a polling station in Maliki, a residential area in the centre of the capital Damascus, in the country’s presidential elections on June 3, 2014

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In Ukraine crisis, West is part of problem, not solution – analyst

Ukrainian troops have seized an airfield in the eastern city of Kramatorsk, said anti-government protesters. Four people were killed and two injured, activists added. At the same time Slavyansk is being raided by the Ukrainian military. Armored personnel vehicles are entering the city, there are many troops and the men are getting ready to defend the city, the head of the Donbass people’s militia, Sergey Tsyplakov.

Western stance on Ukraine: emotional and out of touch

Anti-government protesters have been holding rallies in the south-eastern part of Ukraine following the coup in Kiev on February 22. Activists have seized government buildings in most of the cities in the Donetsk region. On Sunday, the Kiev government launched a crackdown operation in Slavyansk. Following the event, Ukraine’s Security Council approved a full-scale security operation in the country’s eastern regions. On Monday, coup-imposed President Aleksandr Turchinov signed a decree to officially begin a “special anti-terrorist operation” in the east of the country. Voice of Russia discussed the situation with a political analyst Dmitry Babich.

Dmitry? You know the latest news. What is the likely scenario for further developments now in the country?

My impression is that the Ukrainian authorities already made a mistake, because the only way they could indeed win this war would be just to quickly attack several most important locations using the factor of unexpected attack to take back Donetsk and Kharkov maybe in just one or two days. What they did was to launch first an operation in Kramatorsk and also to block Slavyansk. So, they are losing time and, unfortunately, there are already reports about people being killed and injured. All of this will certainly make their victory, if they have some sort of victory, a mixed story.

Also, I would like to add that the people who are conducting this operation, such as the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine – Andrei Paruby – these are real neo-Nazis. I’m very sorry, but Paruby was one of the founders of the National-Social Party of Ukraine in 1991 together with Oleg Tyagnibok. And you can understand very well that National-Social was just a euphemism for national socialists. These people are national socialists. That’s their true name.

Still, the authorities in Ukraine, whether we like it or not, are more or less recognized by most of the world and they are saying that they are preserving the unity of the country. In some cases Russia as well supports the actions of governments who somehow try to keep the unity of the country and fight separatists. Why in this case you believe this is a mistake?

Because in this case we just recently had similar protests in Kiev and then the West and all the countries that you just described recognized the legitimacy of this new Kiev Government. At that time all these people said that the use of force would be a sort of a death penalty for Mr. Yanukovych. They said it was the reddest of all red lines. And now we see the Army being used in fighting the civil unrest and we have no protest from the West.

So, if you point out to certain inconsistencies in Russia’s position, I think that there can be many ways to answer that question. First, neither in Yugoslavia, where Russia supported the unity of the country, nor in other countries, that I can remember of during the last ten years, the authorities fighting for the unity of their country did have Nazi slogans, did use Nazi paraphernalia, did have an openly racist ideology.

Milosevic, as bad as he was, if you read all of his speeches, he was very politically correct, he never made any ethnic slurs. Mr. Paruby made terrible ethnic slurs and now he heads this operation using the Army against the civilian protesters.

If we get back to separatism in general, do you consider those disturbances in Ukraine as a reflection of separatist movement in general or it is not separatism at all?

Well, formally speaking, these people are demanding a referendum and they are demanding some kind of federalization for Ukraine. Legally, speaking this is not separatism. Some of them may want to join Russia, that’s true. But this is not a reason to use the Army against them.

And also, I think I can understand them from the human point of view, because I have been reading the Ukrainian nationalist press during the last 20 years. And in that press people from Donbas and from Kharkov were insulted in all possible ways as Soviet conservatives, as drunkards, good-for-nothings who should be exiled to Russia or maybe even cut to size and put in prison.

So, I understand why people in Donetsk are worried about being governed by the Government that basically believes in this kind of ideas. And I understand why they don’t believe they can achieve their aims by voting, because they have been trying to achieve their aims by democratic means, by voting for 20 years.

But, unfortunately, now that Crimea is no longer a part of Ukraine, the east of Ukraine is losing to the West in terms of a number of votes. Until Crimean was part of Ukraine the east and the center of Ukraine together had about 55% of the vote. Now they have less than 50% and that’s why I think they want autonomy for themselves, they want to elect their own governor, they don’t want the governor sent from Kiev. And that’s why we have all these passions running high right now.

If we get back to those latest developments, those latest news we’ve heard just now, some media have already dubbed the current situation “a point of no return”. Do you think this is the case?

No, I think that there is always a way to start a dialog, because the vast majority of Ukrainians and Russians are capable of having a dialog and the vast majority of Ukrainians and Russians do not want an open confrontation or, heaven forbid, a war. So, I think that there is always a possibility to restart a dialog.

But certainly, the Government that is now ruling the country in Kiev is discrediting itself very quickly. And I can only hope that this Government’s tumbling down will not take all of Ukraine with itself. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the Western support for this Government is almost 100%. The West has engaged itself completely with one of the sides in the conflict and this is very dangerous and very sad.

You’ve just mentioned the West, what do you think should Russia do in this situation?

Russia has been doing everything it could in terms of legally attracting attention of the West to the problems of Ukraine, trying to help the West save that country.

But if the West does not react to beatings of the two presidential candidates that happened just hours ago, if the West keeps talking about the Russian troops and Russian agents doing all the unrest in eastern Ukraine, if the West doesn’t want to notice that there are probably tens of thousands of regular civilians taking part in these protests, then the West just sort of disqualifies itself from being a party to the solution of the problem.

The West created this problem by pressuring Ukraine to sign the association agreement. And now the West just doesn’t want to become a part of the solution.

 The Voice of Russia

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MADRID : Big protest in Spain against government austerity

People gather during a protest against the Government in Madrid, Spain, Saturday, March 22, 2014. Thousands from different parts of Spain marched towards the Capital to join a large anti-austerity demonstration, demanding the resignation of the Government and to express their anger at government financial cuts, its housing rights policies, and the high unemployment rates

MADRID — Tens of thousands of demonstrators from across Spain have marched in central Madrid to protest government measures they claim have eroded civil rights in the country.

Six columns of protesters — each from a different region of Spain — arrived at the outskirts of the city early Saturday before heading for Colon square, carrying banners bearing the slogan “Marching for Dignity.”

By late afternoon, Madrid’s principal boulevard, Paseo del Prado, was packed with people chanting against government’s austerity policies and the cuts they have entailed.

The protest includes trade unions, civil servants and organizations representing people evicted from their homes for not being able to make mortgage payments after losing their jobs.

One woman carried a banner saying, “My daughter can’t be here because she’s had to emigrate.”

The Olympian.

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Breaking news – Ukraine wants to quit CIS, impose ‘demilitarized zone’ in Crimea

Members of a "Maidan" self-defense unit stand guard in front of a Ukrainian parliament building in Kiev March 17, 2014.

Members of a “Maidan” self-defense unit stand guard in front of a Ukrainian parliament building in Kiev March 17, 2014.

Ukraine ready to quit CIS, sets visa regime with Russia, asks UN to turn Crimea into DMZ


The interim government in Kiev says Ukraine will leave the commonwealth of post-Soviet states and force Russians to apply for entry visas, and plans to ask the United Nations to make Crimea a demilitarized zone.

The raft of measures – a response to Russia’s incorporation of Crimea into its territory following Sunday’s referendum – was announced by National Security and Defense Council chief Andrey Parubiy during a press briefing in Kiev.

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) was founded to maintain economic and security links between former Soviet republics when they became independent states in 1991. It initially included the 12 non-Baltic countries, though Georgia quit after the Ossetian conflict in 2008.

This year, Ukraine was assigned the rotating leadership of the CIS – which is more akin to the formal British Commonwealth than the fully-fledged economic partnership of the EU – but now says it will not carry out its duties.

We have decided not only to give up the presidency, but to launch the process of quitting the union altogether,” Parubiy told journalists in Kiev.

Parubiy added that Ukraine would appeal to the UN to turn Crimea into a demilitarized zone.

Similar UN-mandated zones exist between North and South Korea, and Turkish and Greek Cyprus, as well as in several territories adjacent to Israel.

Ukraine will also introduce a visa regime for Russians, who have not only been allowed to move freely between Ukraine and their homeland since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but could do so with only their internal identification documents.

In the coming hours we will introduce a mechanism so that only Russians with travel passports can enter the country, until such a moment when formal visas can be issued,” said Parubiy, who stated that his department had issued the Foreign Ministry with “requests to implement these measures as soon as is feasible.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has said that it will not issue a visa regime of its own until it learns what changes have been proposed by Kiev, sources in the Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti.

Ukrainian border guards have turned back Russian citizens in recent weeks due to ostensible concerns that they will participate in anti-government protests in the east of the country. Parubiy also claimed that Russia was contemplating a “full-scale invasion” of Russian-speaking regions.

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الاعلاميه الشمطاء ” شهيره امين ” : ثائره .. ام داعره

 الطابور الخامس .. الاعلامى – بقلم خالد عبد العزيز


شهيره امين ” ايقونه الثوره ” حاجه كده زى ” صديقة الطلبه” تعلن استقالتها على سى ان ان “

من المتعارف عليه فى عمل اجهزة الاستخبارات الدوليه غرس عملاء في بعض من المؤسسات الحقوقية ومؤسسات المجتمع المدني وبعض المؤسسات الهامه فى الدول المستهدفه قد يكون اخطرها المؤسسات الاعلاميه لتعمل كخلايا نائمه , لتستيقظ فى الوقت المناسب لتنفيذ مخططات وأهداف هذه الاجهزة , وتختلف انماط تجنيد العملاء من جهاز الى اخر حسب استراتيجيات واهداف  تلك الاحهزه , الى انه يتبقى من تلك الانماط  وسيلتان تقليديتان هما الاعم , يتم العمل عليهما وبهما لتجنيد العملاء ومن ثم الابتزاز والضغط والتهديد والمساومة لضمان السيطره الكامله على العميل وحصاره فى حالة استيقاظ  حسه الوطنى او ضميره الانسانى او وازعه الدينى .


النمط الاول : الدافع المادى ويتم فيه  اغداق الاموال على الهدف الذى يرى فى هذه الاموال  فرصه او ربما السبيل الوحيد لتحقيق رغباته واتباع اقصر الطرق وأسهلها للثراء السريع بدون الالتفات الى اى منظومه اخلاقيه او قيم مجتمعيه


اما النمط الثانى : فهو استخدام الجنس ويتم استخدامه بكثره بواسطة المخابرات الاسرائيليه والاميركيه ففي سيكولوجيا استخبارات تلك الدول  “عند التعامل مع المجتمعات الشرقيه ” يتم تكريس شعب خاصه تتولى تجنيد العملاء عن طريق الافخاخ الجنسية مثل تصوير سيدات في أوضاع مثيرة اثناء ممارسه الجنس مع غرباء او ممارسة الشذوذ الجنسى .. الخ ، ثم تستخدم  هذه الصور والافلام لابتزاز الأشخاص المطلوب منهم التعامل مع المخابرات ، حيث يتم تهديدهم بنشر تلك المواد ، وهذا النمط يعتبر سلاحا قويا في أجهزة المخابرات بالنسبة لمجتمع مسلم تقليدي .


هذه المقدمه كان لابد منها لمحاولة التوصل الى  دوافع البعض من مرضى العمالة الذين باعوا انفسهم للشيطان فاستمرأوا الخيانة، وارتهنوا انفسهم الى اعداء الوطن, والغريب ان بعضا من اولئك الخونه المتنطعين يفصح عن نفسه بكل بجاحة عبر وسائل اعلام عالميه مختلفة , من ابرز هؤلاء الاعلاميه ” شهيره امين ” التى تنيرى يوميا _عبر ثلاث سنوات _ بكل صفاقه لتقديم خدمات دعم مشبوهة عبر سلوكيات وممارسات تثير الكثير من التساؤلات خاصة حين يتعلق الأمر بتصرفات وسلوكيات تصب في خدمة من اعلنوا العداء للوطن واشعلوا فيه الفتن تروج  فيها لمواقفهم المشبوهة  وتضر بأمن الوطن .. كان اخرها حوار باللغه الانجليزيه  نشرته روسيا اليوم  امس الاول  تحت عنوان :  مصر تعود الى ما قبل يناير 2011

 ‘Egypt returns to pre-2011 situation’ — RT Op-Edge

دافعت فيه المذكوره عن الجماعه الارهابيه وبرأتها من حادث تفجير المنصوره واكدت ان تصنيف جماعة الاخوان المسلمين كجماعه ارهابيه وسجن قادة الثوره ” عملاء التمويل ماهر وعادل ودومه ” وقمع المعارضه .. عادت بمصر الى الدوله البوليسيه القمعيه والى عهد اسوء من عهد مبارك … الخ.

محطات ” شهيره ” على خطى العماله :

ساعة الصفر :  

كانت ساعة الصفر لأستيقاظ شهيره امين هى يوم الثالث من فبراير 2011 حيث اختارت المذكوره قناة الجزيرة الانجليزيه  وقناة السى ان ان الامريكيه لتعلن باللغه الانجليزيه على الهواء مباشره للعالم الذى يتابع الحدث المصرى استقالتها من منصبها كنائب لرئيس قناة النيل الدولية “التليفزيون الرسمى للدوله ” وانضمامها لمن دعتهم بثوار التحرير قائله : أنا الآن في ميدان التحرير مع المتظاهرين وإلى جانبهم، وليس إلى جانب الجهاز الإعلامي الذي يضلل الشعب ويغسل أدمغة أبنائه , وقالت ان تلك الخطوه التى جاءت بعد عملها فى التليفزيون المصرى منذ عام 1989 كانت بسبب قتل نظام مبارك للمتظاهرين فى التحرير ” المتظاهرين الذين تم قتلهم على ايدى قناصة حماس ودهسهم بسيارات السفاره الاميريكيه ” واكدت انها اليوم فقط شعرت بالتحرر ( بعد 21 سنه اكتشفت فجأة ان الجهاز الاعلامى المصرى يضلل شعبه واختارت ان تتحرر فى اليوم التالى لخطاب الرئيس مبارك الذى اجهض المؤامره للتزامن استقالة شهيره امين مع موقعة الجمل ” حيث ذكرت فى نفس المداخله مع الجزيره انها ترى بنفسها بلطجية مبارك وهم يقذفونهم بالحجاره من اعلى الكوبرى )

فحص العذرية :

نشرت المذكوره خبر “فحص العذرية”في الـ CNN الأمريكية ” اختلقت فيه إعتراف نسبته  الى للواء مسئول بالقوات المسلحه – طلب عدم الافصاح عن هويته- قال فيه انه قد تم اجراء كشف العذرية على فتايات اعتقلن يوم 9 مارس في ميدان التحرير ” وهو الامر الذى ادى الى حدوث هجوم غير مسبوق من الداخل والخارج على المجلس العسكرى ” الجيش المصرى” الممسك بالسلطه حينذاك وما ترتب على ذلك من تشويه بالغ للقوات المسلحه المصريه

النيابة العسكرية تستدعي شهيرة أمين في خبر”فحص العذرية” – قاعدة المعلومات المصرية.

فى بيتنا جلعاد شاليط :

18 أكتوبر 2011 تحدث عملية تبادل للأسرى بين فلسطين واسرائيل , فتستضيف  شهيره امين المجند الإسرائيلى جلعاد شاليط فى مقابلة على شاشة التليفزيون الرسمى المصرى , وبدل ان تكون المناسبه احتفالا بأسرانا المحررين ” 1127 اسير ” اصبحت المناسبه الاحتفال بتحرير جلعاد شاليط واستقباله على شاشة التليفزيون الرسمى المصرى استقبال الفاتحين فيما يعد اول تطبيعا إعلاميا وثقافيا وصحفيا مع الجيش الاسرائيلى والجلوس مع شاليط  لتسترجع معه بكل عطف ذكريات معاناته فى الأسر، وتناقش معه خططه للمستقبل .. وتقوم لاحقا بالتحدث مع القناة العاشره الاسرائيليه لسرد كواليس اللقاء .. ثم تخرج لتبرر كل هذا التعاطف والرقه بأنها اعطت شاليط ما يستحق من العطف والشفقه

المذكوره فى مشاده داخل السفاره الاميريكيه فى فيينا 2011 مع شخصين مجهولى الهويه !!!! ياريت تتفضل المذكوره بتوضيح من هم وسبب المشاده

المذكوره فى مشاده داخل السفاره الاميريكيه فى فيينا ” عاصمة الجاسوسيه ” 2011  مع اشخاص مجهولى الهويه !! ياريت تتفضل المذكوره بتوضيح من هم

ملحوظه : [ توجد في فيينا أهم المؤسسات العالمية من بينها المنظمة الأوربية للامن والعمل المشترك ومنظمة «الاوبك» والمنظمة الدولية للطاقة النووية، ويسكن فيها «17» الف دبلوماسي نصفهم يعمل لمخابرات بلاده ما يشكل نسبة «1%» من سكان العاصمة النمساوية و لا تزال تضم أكبر عدد من الجواسيس في العالم، وتبقى نقطة الاتصال بين الشرق والغرب وبين الشمال والجنوب وحصانة الجواسيس الذين يلبسون قبعة الدبلوماسية صدرت حصانتهم وفقاً لأحكام المادة «32» من اتفاقية فيينا للعلاقات الدبلوماسية عام 1961م ]

بعض جوائز الخيانه :

Prize Julio Anguita Parrado of Journalism 2012

 فى رد على صحفى مصرى عن ما هى مجمل الأعمال التى على خلفيتها كانت الجائزةالاسبانيه ؟
قالت المذكوره
أول شىء كان عن استقالتى من قناة “النيل الدولية” كنائبة، أثناء أحداث الثورة، وكذلك عند ظهورى فى قناة “CNN” وتقديم موضوع كشف العذرية، إلى جانب قصص كثيرة فى “CNN” عن الختان وأخيراً عن حوارى مع  الأسير الإسرائيلى جلعاد شاليط

 Award for Excellence in Gender Equality2013

عشرات من الاحاديث والحوارات والمقالات وجميعها للقنوات والصحف الاجنبيه تهاجم فيها القوات المسلحه بشكل اساسى والدوله المصريه عموما وتؤكد ضمنيا عبر بث سمومها المقروءه والمسموعه على ترسيخ فكرة الانقلاب فى الاعلام الغربى دعما لأستمرار حالة الفوضى وبغرض عدم استقرار الحاله المصريه وهو ما تم رصده من قبل من عدة فصائل ومنظمات مشبوهه واجهزة اسنخبارات دوليه متعدده .. , اعتقد انه لا ينبغي ان يستمر هذا التسامح الى مالا نهاية مع هذه الاصوات العميله التى تعرض الوطن للمخاطر وتستهتر بمقدراته وتسيئ لسمعته وتحاولوا الانتقاص من منجزات هذا الشعب العظيم وقواته المسلحه الباسله اللذان احبطا مؤامره كونيه كانت تهدف تدمير ليست مصر فقط بل كل المنطقه واعتقد وان كانت المذكوره لا تمثل صيدا ثمينا لأجهزة الامن المصريه الا انه قريبا سيقف احد رجالتها ليهمس فى اذنيها بجملة شهيره  ….  هى ديه مصر .. ” ياهبله ”

Breaking News – Egypt lifts state of emergency and curfew – BBC News

Egypt‘s state of emergency and curfew have been lifted, the government has announced.

The state of emergency and the night-time curfew were introduced on 14 August after security forces forcibly ended sit-ins in support of ousted Islamist Mohammed Morsi.

The measures had been due to last a month, but the government extended them for two more months on 12 September.
Fall in business

The state of emergency and the curfew were lifted with effect from 16:00 local time (14:00 GMT), an adviser to Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi confirmed to the BBC.

The state of emergency and the 01:00-05:00 curfew had allowed the authorities to make arrests without warrants and search people’s homes.

Many people had also blamed the curfew for a fall in business in Cairo – at a time when the government was trying to create jobs and revive the economy.

The measures were introduced after peoples died following the clearing of the pro-Morsi camps in the capital.

Morsi was ousted by the army in July following widespread demonstrations against his rule.

BBC News – Egypt lifts state of emergency and curfew.