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Crucial railway in Ukraine’s Donetsk region blocked by unknown people

Changes have been made in the routes of long-distance and commuter trains, unidentified individuals blocked the railway between the stations of Kramatorsk and Druzhkovka

Soldiers seen near a railway in Kramatorsk

Soldiers seen near a railway in Kramatorsk

KIEV, April 16.

A new element may have appeared in the standoff between the population of Ukraine’s eastern regions and the forces loyal to the central government, as unknown people blocked a crucial railway between the city of Kramatorsk and the town of Druzhkovka on Wednesday, the Donetsk Railway Department press service says.

“In the wake of an unauthorized blocking of the railway between the stations of Kramatorsk and Druzhkovka by unidentified individuals, changes have been made in the routes of long-distance and commuter trains, which are diverted to a different line until the unauthorized blocking is lifted,” the press service said.

A total of twenty-six long-distance passenger trains and twenty-eight commuter trains traverse the line between Kramatorsk and Druzhkovka daily.

The line provides a railway link between the heavily industrialized and densely populated southeast of the Donetsk region and the city of Kharkov. It also links the area to Lozovaya, one of the biggest railway junctions in Southeast Ukraine.


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Germany’s economic associations alarmed over situation in Ukraine

The German economy fears immediate sanctions against Russia, which may lead to “severe economic consequences in eastern Ukraine



Germany’s leading economic associations fear the consequences of the events in Ukraine, says Germany’s largest business and finance daily, Handelsblatt.

Executive director of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations Rainer Lindner “has warned in this connection against imposing economic sanctions on Russia”, the paper reports.

“Latest developments in Ukraine’s east are alarming,” Lindner told Handelsblatt Online. “The German economy fears immediate sanctions against Russia”, which may lead to “severe economic consequences in eastern Ukraine”.

The expert said it was not possible currently to estimate damage from possible sanctions given that “their art and scope are not clear”. But German enterprises could already feel the negative impact of the current tense situation, he said.

“The committee… is still against economic sanctions and calls for a diplomatic solution, though it will certainly accept the decision of politicians,” Lindner added.

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Combat helicopters patrolling airspace over Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine

DONETSK, April 13, 11:16 UTC+4  ITAR-TASS.

A total of two combat helicopters are patrolling the airspace over the city of Slavyansk in the east-Ukrainian Donetsk region, an Itar-Tass reporter said in an eyewitness account from the place where, according to a notice posted on Facebook by Ukraine’s acting interim Interior Minister Arsel Avakov, an anti-riot operation had begun to suppress the protests, the participants in which demanded federalization of the country.

Once in every five minutes, a helicopter would appear in the sky over. Block posts had been put up on the streets.

In the meantime, an action of protest continued near the building of the city police department that was seized by the protesters the other day. Barricades had been put up there and people several armed people in fatigues were guarding them.

Another 50 or so men wearing the St George’s ribbons attached to the lapels of their coats came to the place to organize a picket. They chanted ‘Russia! Russia!’ at regular periods of time.

Policemen were not seen on the streets. Instead, a car equipped with a public address system was cruising the city and launching public appeals to the city’s population.

“Arise, don’t be cowards, they’re preparing an attack on us!” a voice coming out of the amplifier said.

Cell phones were fully operational in the downtown areas.

On the whole, the situation remained quiet but knotty at the time of reporting and there were no clear signs that an operation prepared by the organized Ministry Forces might be coming up.

People were moving freely around the city and shopping but a number of shops were closed.


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Those who seized Donetsk prosecutor’s office may be jailed for 5-8 years

DONETSK, April 12, 13:55 UTC+4, ITAR-TASS.
Earlier a group of unknown masked young men with batons in hands broke into the building of the prosecutor’s office


The Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office confirmed the information that its building was seized overnight.

A group of unknown masked young men with batons in hands broke into the building of the prosecutor’s office. About 40 people began to barricade entrances with furniture. After negotiations, the people left the administrative building.

A criminal case is opened on charges of mass disorders. The Criminal Code prescribes five to eight years’ imprisonment for such actions.

As was earlier reported, unknown people got into the Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office overnight, but shortly after that, law enforcers arrived on the scene and removed all from the building, local media reported.

Meanwhile, a group of unidentified people seized a district police station in Slavyansk, the Donetsk region, on Saturday, an official at the Donetsk regional police department told Itar-Tass on Saturday. “Unknown people have seized a district police station today. They were in camouflage uniform. They remain there now,” he said.

Ukrainian parliament-appointed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has warned about “tough response actions” against those who have seized the police station.

“Armed people in camouflage uniform have seized a district police station in Slavyansk. Response will be very tough here,” Avakov said. A special police group was sent to Slavyansk, he said.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry would respond toughly to attempts to destabilize the situation, especially in the southeast of the country, the ministry said in a statement on its website on Saturday.

“The Interior Ministry will toughly respond to attempts to intentionally destabilize the situation, violation of public order and mass disorders all over Ukraine’s territory, particularly in regions, where special operations are conducted to settle the situation the Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov regions. All who will violate the law, irrespective of declared slogans and party affiliation, will be detained,” the statement reads.

The ministry warned that a “serious” article of the Ukrainian Criminal Code would be applied to organizers of protests.

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