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Egypt Links Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas to Prosecutor’s 2015 Assassination


Egypt’s Minister of Interior Magdi Abdel-Ghaffar said that 14 out of 48 suspected organizers, conspirators and perpetrators of the assassination of Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat have been detained.

Egypt’s Minister of Interior Magdi Abdel-Ghaffar said Sunday the Muslim Brotherhood organized the assassination of Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat with assistance from Palestine’s Hamas movement.

Earlier on Sunday, prosecutors ordered the arrest of six suspects linked to Barakat’s murder in a car bomb attack on June 29, 2015 in Cairo.

“Members of the Muslim Brotherhood who planned this murder are hiding in Turkey. The terrorist attack was plotted and its perpetrators were trained in the Gaza Strip under the supervision of Hamas members. Then the culprits were sent to Egypt across the border,” Abdel-Ghaffar said in a press conference.

he minister said 14 out of 48 suspected organizers, conspirators and perpetrators of the attack have been detained.Barakat oversaw several cases against officials of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement of Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi, deposed by the current leadership in 2013.

All Los Angeles schools closed over terror threat; prelim assessment is “hoax” – US rep

The Los Angeles Unified School District closed all schools after a bomb threat was called in to a school board member, the LA Police Department has confirmed. The LAUSD is the nation’s second largest, with 640,000 students in over 1,000 schools.

The threat was made to “students at school,” LAUSD Superintendent Ramon Cortines said at a press conference Tuesday morning.

“It was a message,” he said refusing to elaborate while the investigation is underway.

A number of people on the school board received a “very specific threat… via email” late Monday night, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told reporters. It was traced back to an IP address in Frankfurt, Germany, according to LAUSD spokeswoman Ellen Morgan.

“After reviewing that threat, we became very concerned, contacted the FBI and began to work jointly… to try to vet that threat and to be able to give the school board and the superintendent our best advice on moving forward,” Beck said.

The district is asking parents not to send children to any of the more than 900 public and 187 charter schools in the city. Parents who have already dropped their kids off should pick them up at the reunion gates.

The “credible threat” was “not one school, two schools, three schools. It was a threat to many schools,” Cortines said.

This is a rare threat. We get threats all the time,” he added. “I want every school, every early education center, every adult school searched.”

The threat mentioned backpacks and other packages, Cortines said.

The FBI is assisting the LAPD and the school police force in the investigation, KCBS reported.

The decision to close all schools was made to be sure that every child and employee is “absolutely safe,” Board of Education President Steve Zimmer said.

However, by the afternoon, several members of Congress doubted the veracity of the threat, the LA Times reported.

“The preliminary assessment is that it was a hoax or something designed to disrupt school districts in large cities. The investigation is ongoing as to where the threat originated from and who was responsible,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-California), who represents Los Angeles and is a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, reviewed the roughly 350-word message, and said that it “lacks the feel of the way the jihadists usually write.” He added that the ‘from’ line in the email contained a pornographic term to reference a male body party and that the body of the message referenced Liechtenstein.

Parents were notified early Tuesday about the closure.

“I literally woke up to the call,” parent Jim Alger told KNBC. “There’s this element of fear. Things like this are kind of reminiscent of the post-9/11 days. But I guess it’s better safe than sorry.”

All students were picked up by 12:15 p.m. local time, the school district said on its webpage.

School buses were called back to their depots after the decision to close, so most students were not at schools.

The threat comes amid the final exam period for high schools, the Los Angeles Times reported.

New York City Public Schools also faced a threat on Tuesday morning, but the New York Police Department ‒ working closely with the FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force and the LAPD ‒ deemed it was a hoax.

“We are very comfortable that this is not a credible threat… concerned with people overreacting to it,” NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said in a NYPD tweet.

After Bratton, who once served as the LAPD chief, criticized Los Angeles’ reaction to the emailed threat and residents complained of a potential overreaction online, several city officials blasted those comments.

“It is very easy for people to jump to conclusions… usually what people think in the first few hours is not necessarily how it plays out in later hours,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said. “But decisions need to be made in a manner of minutes.”

“The school district safeguards three quarters of a million lives every day. When they make a decision, they have to take into account the safety of the children of Los Angeles,” Beck said. “I think it’s irresponsible, based on facts that have yet to be determined, to criticize that decision at this point.”

“These are tough times. These communities, our communities, Southern California has been through a lot in the recent weeks,” he added. “Should we risk putting our children through the same?”

Garcetti also noted that he supported Cortines’ decision to close schools, even if it makes life difficult for many parents who “still have to continue to get to work and can’t even afford to miss one day.”

The city activated the its emergency operations center at level 1, the lowest level, Garcetti said.

The LAPD has taken the lead role on the investigation, according to normal protocol.

The president has been informed of the threat against LAUSD, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said at the daily briefing.


نهاية الخارطه .. وبداية الطريق


بقلم : خالد عبد العزيز

سيظل الثلاثون من يونيو علامه فارقه فى تاريخ مصر الحديث , حيث استطاع المصريون اسقاط المؤامره التى تم اخراجها وتجميلها بواسطة صناعها لتبدو فى شكل ثوره كان رأس الحربه فيها النسخه المصريه من مدرسة جوبلز الاعلاميه النازية التى اسست أسلوب الكذب الممنهج على الجماهير بهدف إقناعهم بتصديق ما ليس حقيقياً في الواقع، ليضيف اليها, مع التنوع الهائل الذي شهده الإعلام العالمي من سرعة تداول الأخبار والصور العابرة للحدود,جيمس جلاسمان ,مبدأ استخدام وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي والتكنولوجيا في معركة تغييب العقول وحقنّ الأدمغة وترويض المتلقى والمشاهد بضخ وتدفق وتكثيف التكرار الإعلامي للمعلومات المراد تمريرها من كذب وتضليل وتزييف الحقائق لتصبح أكثر انتشاراً وتأثيراً وفتكاً بعقول الشعوب فتغدوا حروب الجيل الرابع والخامس اكثر سهوله وقدره على تحقيق اهداف استراتيجية التدمير الذاتى باستخدام القوة الناعمة كبديل للتدخل العسكري المباشر

مكونات المؤامره ذاتها تم بها اسقاط الاتحاد السوفيتى فى اوائل التسعينات تلاها اسقاط شرق اوربا بنفس الطريقه ثم العراق وليبيا وسوريا واخيرا وليس اخرا اوكرانيا , وهنا ظهرت عبقرية المصريين فمصر الدوله الوحيده بين كل تلك الدول التى استطاعت امتصاص المؤامره والصمود فى وجهها وعكس الاوضاع لمصلحتها ومصلحة الاقليم

اليوم .. ومصر تنهى الاستحقاق الثالث من خارطه الطريق لتبدأ الخطوات الفعاله فى معركة التنميه الشامله التى ستعيد مصر الى دورها التاريخى ومكانتها بين دول العالم الحديث ,اليوم ومصر تحارب ارهاب يقف وراءه اجهزة مخابرات وتمويل دولى وتستعد لحروب اخرى قد تكون فى اثيوبيا ومن المؤكد حدوثها فى ليبيا وسط خضم من تسارع الاحداث على المستوى الاقليمى والدولى ينذر بحرب قد تكون عالميه استعيد مقولة .. لا يلدغ المصري من جحر مرتين

الاسبوع الماضى حمل الينا فقاعات اختبار شملت المشهد الاعلامى الفضائى والافتراضى والصحفى بل شملت الارض ايضا.. محاولة استنساخ ايقونه ثوريه جديده اسوة بشهيد البانجو , تغريدات للبوب الاقرع صاحب العباره الاقذر فى وصف الجيش المصرى مع الاعلاميه الباكيه ” الجيش بتاع مكرونه يامنى” وظهور لوائل غنيم اعقبه يسرى فوده فى استضافه للبى بى سى مع المهترئه رشا قنديل واصفا المشهد المصرى الحالى بالمسخره , انتشار مكثف لخمورجى يعقوبيان , ظهور واضح لبلال فضل وعبد المنعم أبو الفتوح وتوكل كرمان والاراجوز باسم يوسف , لينتهى المشهد على الارض بدخول من اسموا انفسهم حملة الماجستير والدكتوراه حاملين اعلام مصر الى ميدان التحرير فى محاولة غبيه لأستنساخ اجواء الميدان النجس تمهيدا للوصول حسب مخيلتهم المريضه الى .. 25 يناير اخرى

75765 copy

اعتقد انه مع نهاية الخارطه لابد ان تكون بداية الطريق بالإسراع فى إصدار التشريعات الصحفية والإعلامية الحاسمه والحاكمه لمواجهة الانفلات الإعلامى الذى كانت أهم ملامحه تصدير التشتُّت والانقسام واحداث ارباك للرأى العام المصرى تنفيذا لأجندات خارجية عن طريق الطابور الخامس من مقدمى البرامج والصحفيين

لا بد من احكام الرقابة والملاحقة الجنائية، و تطبيق القانون شاء من شاء وابى من ابى .. بعد أن أصبح تجاوز الإعلام غير مسبوق واصبحت مهنة الاعلام والصحافه مهنة من لا مهنة له .. لابد ان مراقبة سلامة تمويل المؤسسات الصحفيه والاعلاميه ووضع الضوابط والمعايير اللازمه للحفاظ على مقتضيات الامن القومى

فلا يستقيم ان يتربع نكسجى على راس نقابة الصحفيين .. لا يستقيم ان يتربع القادم من عطارد على عرش مؤسسة الاهرام وان يحتكرمحمد الامين والذى بدأ حياته بتصنيع قواعد التواليتات البلاستيك على نصف الفضائيات المصريه ليهيمن وبدون مناسبه او اسباب معروفه على عرش غرفة صناعة الاعلام

لا يستقيم ان يخرج علينا الى الان النافخين فى الكير امثال يسرى فوده ومجدى الجلاد وعمرو ولميس الحديدى ويوسف الحسينى و محمود سعد وخالد صلاح وابراهيم عيسى وريهام سعيد وليليان داوود وجابر القرموطى وغيرهم ممن نصبوا أنفسهم فوق المحاسبة لينقلوا الينا كل يوم صورة فوضوية عن المشهد المصرى ضاربين عرض الحائط بما تم ويتم انجازه يوما بعد يوم

لا يستقيم ان تتواجد مقالات واعمده يوميه لكتاب مرتزقه فى معظم الصحف والبوابات الالكترونيه

ايضا لابد من اعادة هيكلة ماسبيرو وتطهيره لأستعاده دوره الريادى فى منظومه الاعلام المصرى والعربى ولا بد من هيكلة المؤسسات الصحفيه القوميه لتقوم بدورها الوطنى فى ظل ظروف غير عاديه تحيط  بمصر والمنطقه ولابد من قيام شرطة المصنفات بواجبها فى مكافحة جرائم الانترنت واغلاق صفحات الارهاب والخيانه والتحريض

ان امن الوطن الخارجى لا خوف عليه فهو فى ايادى امينه وقادره .. اما الجبهه الداخليه فلا يجب ان تترك لعدد من العملاء والمرتزقه يحاولون تفكيكها مرة اخرى فى محاولة لأسقاط الوطن … ويقيننا ان الشعب المصرى اصبح واعيا لما حيك ويحاك له ويقيننا انه كما اسقط المصريون المؤامره فهم قادرون على افشال كل مؤامره .. عاشت مصر وعاش المصريين

يقول الأمريكي” ديفيد وارمرز المسئول عن قسم الشرق الأوسط في فريق ديك تشيني عن إسطبل المثقفين والاعلاميين العرب : من ضمن خطتنا في المنطقة أن نجد إسطبلا من الإعلاميين العرب يشبه سفينة نوح، الأحصنة في هذا الإسطبل وظيفتهم أن يقولوا دائما مانريد ان نقوله ، أما الحمير فهم من يصدقون ما نقوله ، أما الخنازير فمهمتهم كلما أعددنا مؤامرة أن يقولوا أين هي المؤامرة

Nowhere to Hide: New Videos of Russian Cruise Missile Strikes in Syria

Russian Defense Ministry released new videos of cruise missile strikes carried out against Islamic State forces in Syria.

The videos, published on the ministry’s official YouTube channel, show ISIL assets in the Syrian province of Idlib being obliterated by cruise missile strikes.

Kalibr-NK cruise missiles employed by Russian forces make short work of ISIL command posts, as can be seen on these two videos.

Several missiles scored direct hits against an ISIL base also located in Idlib province.

Russia has been launching airstrikes against ISIL by Assad’s request since September 30. Russian aircraft have carried out over 2,000 sorties, destroying about 3,000 ISIL targets and eliminating hundreds of militants. The warships of Russia’s Caspian Flotilla have also launched a series of cruise missile strikes against the ISIL assets in Syria.
On Tuesday Russian Aerospace Forces intensified their campaign in Syria, launching massive airstrikes against ISIL forces.

A US-led international coalition has also been conducting an aerial campaign against the militants, but without the approval of Damascus or the United Nations.

BREAKING: France’s Charles De Gaulle Strikes ISIL Targets in Syria

he French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has conducted first combat operation against the ISIL targets in Syria.

Warplanes from the French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” engaged in their first combat mission, striking Islamic State positions in Syria and Iraq on Monday.

he French media reported that the Charles de Gaulle’s mission is expected to last at least four months and that it may be prolonged..

The ship houses 18 Rafale fighter jets, eight Dassault Super-Etendard supersonic deck attack aircraft and two Hawkeye aerial early warning aircraft (AEW). The carrier’s team composes of 1,9 thousand sailors, pilots and mechanics.

France’s only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle was deployed in the Mediterranean late Saturday after a November 13 series of terrorist acts in Paris saw 130 killed and over 360 injured.

The Islamic State (ISIL) jihadist group has claimed responsibility for the coordinated mass shootings and suicide bombings near a football stadium, in a concert hall and outside several restaurants in Paris.

Hollande imposed a nationwide state of emergency, since extended by French lawmakers. The presumed organizer of the Paris attacks, born in Belgium and suspected of training in Syria, was confirmed killed in an anti-terror raid in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis last week.

The UN Security Council voted on Saturday to adopt an anti-terrorism resolution drafted by France to “redouble and coordinate” efforts against ISIL.

Senate takes up House bill but fails to avoid spying lapse

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., talks with a reporter as he leaves the Capitol following his address to the Senate in Washington, Sunday, May 31, 2015. Senate Republicans say they’ve been unable to make a deal to extend contested anti-terror provisions. As a result, the post-Sept. 11 programs will expire at midnight.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., talks with a reporter as he leaves the Capitol following his address to the Senate in Washington, Sunday, May 31, 2015. Senate Republicans say they’ve been unable to make a deal to extend contested anti-terror provisions. As a result, the post-Sept. 11 programs will expire at midnight.

WASHINGTON — Eight days after blocking it, Senate Republicans have agreed to begin debate on a House bill that would overhaul the National Security Agency’s handling of American calling records while preserving other domestic surveillance provisions.

But that remarkable turnabout didn’t happen soon enough to prevent the laws governing the programs from expiring at midnight Sunday as Republican Sen. Rand Paul, a presidential contender, stood in the way of extending the program, angering his GOP colleagues and frustrating intelligence and law enforcement officials.

Now, the question is whether the Senate will pass a bill the House can live with. If so, the surveillance programs will resume, with some significant changes in how the phone records are handled. If not, they will remain dormant.

The Senate vote on the measure known as the USA Freedom Act can come no earlier than 1 a.m., Tuesday. Senate Republican aides said they expected some amendments, but no major revisions to the bill.

“Having gone past the brink, the Senate must now embrace the necessity of acting responsibly,” said Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, in a statement after Sunday’s Senate vote.

The high-stakes drama played out as Congress debated the most significant changes prompted by the disclosures of Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor who revealed the phone records collection and other main surveillance programs. With no deal reached in time, the NSA stopped collecting American phone records at 3:59 p.m. EST Sunday, officials said.

Other authorities that expired allowed the FBI to collect business records in terrorism and espionage investigations, and to more easily eavesdrop on a suspect who is discarding cell phones to avoid surveillance.

Intelligence officials publicly warned of danger, but were not deeply concerned with a lapse of a few days or weeks, given that the authorities remain available in pending investigations. What they most fear is a legislative impasse that could doom the programs permanently.

“The Senate took an important_if late_step forward tonight,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in a statement. “We call on the Senate to ensure this irresponsible lapse in authorities is as short-lived as possible.”

President Barack Obama supports the USA Freedom Act, which ends NSA bulk collection of U.S. phone records but allows the agency to search records held by the phone companies. That bill, which preserves the other expiring provisions, passed the House overwhelmingly May 13.

Senate Republicans blocked that legislation on May 23, arguing that it undercut the NSA’s ability to quickly search the records. It fell three votes short of the 60 needed to advance.

But with no other options, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in an about-face, reluctantly embraced the House-passed bill Sunday night.

“It’s not ideal but, along with votes on some modest amendments that attempt to ensure the program can actually work as promised, it’s now the only realistic way forward,” McConnell said.

The Senate then voted 77-17 to move ahead on the USA Freedom Act.

McConnell was boxed in by the actions of his fellow Kentucky Republican, Paul, who helped stymy the leader’s attempt to pass an extension of current law. Paul objected each time McConnell attempted to bring that measure to a vote.

Paul opposes the USA Freedom Act as not going far enough. But, he predicted , the USA Freedom Act “will ultimately pass.”

Earlier, in a fiery speech decrying NSA surveillance, he shouted, “This is what we fought the revolution over, are we going to so blithely give up our freedom? … I’m not going to take it anymore.” Supporters wearing red “Stand With Rand” T-shirts packed the spectator gallery.

Paul’s moves infuriated fellow Republicans and they exited the chamber en masse when he stood up to speak after the Senate’s vote on the House bill.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. complained to reporters that Paul places “a higher priority on his fundraising and his ambitions than on the security of the nation.”

Paul, for his part, asserted that, “People here in town think I’m making a huge mistake. Some of them I think secretly want there to be an attack on the United States so they can blame it on me.”

Civil liberties groups were split. Some, including the ACLU, oppose the USA Freedom Act as too weak, and applauded the expiration of the surveillance laws. If the USA Freedom Act passes, the NSA would resume bulk phone records collection during a six month transition period to the new system.

“Congress should take advantage of this sunset to pass far-reaching surveillance reform, instead of the weak bill currently under consideration,” said Michael Macleod-Ball, acting director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office.

But that seemed unlikely. Liberal senators who have been aggressive in criticizing the NSA are backing the USA Freedom Act.

“I’m pleased Republicans joined with Democrats to do what’s responsible and support the passage of the USA Freedom Act,” said Sen. Martin Heinrich, a New Mexico Democrat. “This is a bipartisan compromise that would ensure that our intelligence community has the tools it needs to focus more narrowly on the records of actual terrorists, and end the bulk collection of law-abiding Americans’ private phone calls.”


World at war: Analysts reveal the 20 cities around the globe most at risk of terror attack

Belfast has been named as the most dangerous city in Europe, according to an analysis of the terror risk to 1,300 commercial hubs and urban centres around the world.

Baghdad topped the list worldwide, after a year which saw 380 attacks resulting in 1141 deaths and more than 3,600 wounded.

Despite the UK’s “severe” terror alert, London ranked down at 400 due to the lack of a terror incident since the 7/7 bombings. Paris, however, has soared into the top 100 cities following the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Verisk Maplecroft assessed the terror threat to 1,300 cities around the world

Verisk Maplecroft assessed the terror threat to 1,300 cities around the world The research has been compiled by global risk analytics company Verisk Maplecroft, which advises banks and insurers on the threat of a terror attack in almost any urban setting around the world.

It has logged every reported terror incident around the world in the 12 months up to March 2015, and combined that with the longer-term record of attacks in the previous five years, to come up with its rankings.

Charlotte Ingham, the company’s principal analyst, said it was “imperative” for businesses considering investment to be aware that terror threats didn’t just vary from country to country.

“An estimated 80 per cent of global GDP is generated from cities,” she said. “Visibility of the sub-national differences in terrorism levels should be an imperative for multinational organisations looking to understand and price the risks to assets, employees and supply chains.”

Members of the French intervention gendarme forces arrive at the scene of a hostage taking at an industrial zone in Dammartin-en-Goele, northeast of Paris

Verisk Maplecroft identified 12 capital cities around the world as facing an “extreme risk” of terror attacks, including Nairobi in Kenya and Lagos in Nigeria.

It said Paris (97th and ‘high risk’) had experienced one of the steepest rises year-on-year due to the severity of the terrorist attack in January 2015 that left 17 people dead.

Forensic investigators examine the wreckage of the bombed bus after the July 7 bombing in London in 2005

Forensic investigators examine the wreckage of the bombed bus after the July 7 bombing in London in 2005

“The risk level in Paris is representative of a wider trend for Western countries, including Belgium, Canada and Australia, where key urban centres face substantially higher threat levels than elsewhere in the country,” the company said.

London, though categorised as “low risk”, remains a “highly attractive” target for terror attacks due to its international status.

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The Charlie Hebdo shootings as the events unfolded
Severe terror alert: What does it mean for the UK?

“A particular challenge for the [UK] security forces is combating the threat of attacks by lone-wolves inspired by groups including Isis or al-Qaeda, or individuals returning from the battlefield in Syria and Iraq,” analysts said.

The Independent.

Anti-Brotherhood Judge Named Justice Minister in Egypt

Newly appointed Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmed el-Zend (left) is shown during his oath-taking ceremony at the El-Thadiya presidential palace in Cairo on May 20, 2015

Egyptian judge Ahmed el-Zend was sworn in as Egypt’s new justice minister in Cairo on Wednesday .

Zend, who heads an elite group of Egyptian judges, replaced Mahfouz Saber, who quit earlier this month after saying sons of garbage collectors could not become judges.

Zend, a harsh critic of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, Prior to his appointment as justice minister,

Zend was head of the Egyptian Judge’s Club, an elite Egyptian social club, as well as head of the Cairo Court of Appeals.

Ahmed el-Zend, a former appeals court judge, has in contrast to his predecessor been publicly outspoken in his criticism of the Islamist movement removed from power in mid-2013 by the army and banned as a terrorist organisation.

Egyptians viewed Zend’s appointment as a strong statement against the  the Muslim Brotherhood and  the January 25 conspiracy

Islamic State’s Egypt affiliate urges attacks on judges

Egyptian spy Mohamed Morsy

Egyptian spy Mohamed Morsi

The leader of Sinai Province, a militant group in Egypt with links to Islamic State, called on followers to attack judges in an audio statement posted on a prominent jihadist website on Wednesday.

A spate of attacks targeting judges suggests they are the latest targets of an Islamist insurgency centered in North Sinai that has killed hundreds of Egyptian security forces in the past two years.

Cleric Abu Osama al-Masry said, referring to judges. “Poison their food… surveil them at home and in the street… destroy their homes with explosives if you can.


Three Egyptian judges were killed after news broke that Egyptian spy Mohamed Morsi would be sentenced to death

Last Saturday , Gunmen shot dead three Egyptian judges  in the strife-torn Sinai Peninsula, where security forces are battling an Islamist insurgency spearheaded by an affiliate of the Islamic State group,

The shooting wounded three other judges in North Sinai’s provincial capital El-Arish, and came hours after a court in Cairo sentenced egyptian spy Mohamed Morsi to death for his role in a mass jailbreak during the 2011 uprising.

Some of Morsi’s fellow defendants included jihadists in Sinai, where militants have regularly carried out attacks against policemen and soldiers. The judges came under attack while they were travelling by car from the canal city of Ismailiya to El-Arish for a court hearing.

Egypt president says parliament elections to be held in 2015


Egypt’s president says the country’s delayed parliamentary elections will take place before the end of 2015.

In an interview with El Mundo newspaper published Wednesday, a day before his official visit to Spain, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi says: “I give my word – they will be held before the end of the year.”

The parliamentary vote initially was set to take place in phases beginning on March 22. It is the final phase in a transition period following the 2013 ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi by the military, led by el-Sissi at the time. He says the vote was delayed because of constitutional appeals.

Egypt has not had an elected legislature since 2012, when the Supreme Constitutional Court ruled that parliament’s lower chamber was not constitutionally elected.