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Pew: Strong Bipartisan Support for Israel As Obama-Netanyahu Meet

The Pew Research Center on Monday evaluated recent polling on American sentiments regarding the peace process in general, and administration efforts to pursue a U.S.-backed framework agreement between the parties in particular, as President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in the Oval Office to discuss issues ranging from the Arab-Israeli conflict to the Iranian nuclear program. Pew noted that despite public signals that Obama “intends to press [Netanyahu] to help move Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations to a ‘conclusive round,’” Americans were divided on the degree to which the administration should be focusing on the dispute.

Until now, Obama has not been as personally involved as some presidents had been in peacekeeping efforts, although Secretary of State John Kerry has made the goal of a comprehensive peace agreement one of his top priorities. But about four-in-ten (39%) of Americans say the U.S. should be less involved in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute compared with 36% who say it should remain is involved as it is now, according to a survey conducted last fall. About a fifth (21%) of Americans say the U.S. should be more involved.

U.S. support for Israel remains high, and it cuts across partisan and religious lines. About half (49%) of Americans sympathize more with Israel than the Palestinians in their dispute, while just 12% sympathize with the Palestinians and 12% say they back neither side, according to a March 2013 survey.

An interview given by the President to Bloomberg on the eve of the talks – described by veteran Israeli journalist David Horovitz as “a bombshell battering” of the Prime Minister – saw Obama placing substantial blame on Netanyahu for uneven progress in current Israeli-Palestinian talks. Horovitz noted that the interview, which also saw Obama sketching out scenarios for Israel’s diplomatic isolation, was a move that “might be considered bad manners, poor diplomatic protocol, a resounding preemptive slap in the face,” and more substantively that it was “just about the last thing likely to bolster the prime minister’s confidence in their alliance, and just about the last thing likely to encourage Netanyahu to further alienate his hawkish home base by taking steps such as halting building outside the settlement blocs.”

The Oval Office meeting itself reportedly went smoothly:

Speaking to the press, Obama said that there is strong bipartisan support for Israel’s security and that the two-state solution is still possible. Obama praised Netanyahu’s intensive efforts in the talks and reiterated his commitment to assuring Iran does not become a nuclear power…An Israeli official said prior to the meeting of the two leaders that “there are tensions between the two. Obama’s interview (with Bloomberg) heightened tensions.”

via Pew: Strong Bipartisan Support for Israel As Obama-Netanyahu Meet – The Tower – The Tower.

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Barack Hussein Obama, The Ultimate Mobster

How’d you like to own a company that charges its clients $10,000 per hour for “financial advice”? Kind of sounds like the Mafia offering “protection,” doesn’t it? You know what they say: “If it walks like a duck…”

The 2400 page “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” is written in such mumbo jumbo that banks need a “financial expert” to help them navigate it. Enter Promontory Financial Group. How does Promontory Financial Group know so much about the Dodd-Frank Act? They wrote it—giving themselves carte blanche to extort a staggering $2 billion by offering banks “financial advice”—financial advice, according to the banks, that didn’t do them a bit of good. Obama’s crony and mega-donor Eugene Ludwig, the CEO of Promontory, pulls in a staggering $30,000,000 per year in salary. Talk about “fat cats,” as Obama likes to call them. It’s in effect a Mafia “protection” racket, perfected by Al Capone himself.

But it doesn’t end there. Eric Holder’s old law firm—the law firm who supplied literally every single slot of the upper echelon in the Department of Justice (or should we say Department of Injustice)—is also in on the scam, protecting Promontory Financial Group’s staffers from using insider knowledge. You see, a staggering two-thirds of Promontory Financial Group’s 170 executives are former U.S. government finance chiefs—the FDIC, SEC, and of course the Federal Reserve; and they use their insider knowledge to extort billions from anything and everything—not just banks.

If you take a look at how Al Capone in the 1930s took over the banks, businesses, and the levers of power in government, you’d have a complete picture of what Barack Hussein Obama is doing from the Oval Office.

Barack Obama is truly a modern day Mob Boss.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video for all the dirt on The Mobster Barack Hussein Obama.