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Explosion shakes Lebanese capital Beirut


A blast at a Lebanese military checkpoint shook the capital Beirut on Monday, wounding at least five people, Al Arabiya correspondent Adnan Gamloush reported.

The blast occurred when a suicide bomber blew up his car near the checkpoint, killing himself and damaging a nearby café, security sources and witnesses said.

Nineteen people, who were watching the World Cup in the café were wounded following the incident, according to Reuters news agency.

Television footage showed the blackened wreckage of a car, surrounded by damaged vehicles. Windows in nearby buildings were shattered by the blast, which occurred in an area of southern Beirut inhabited by supporters of the Shi’ite group Amal, an ally of the militant movement Hezbollah.

Play the above video to watch the latest footage from the explosion

The explosion, which happened shortly before midnight (2100 GMT), came just three days after a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden car near a police checkpoint in eastern Lebanon, killing a policeman and wounding several other people.

The car bomb went off near the Abu Assaf cafe, where people had gathered to watch the World Cup matches.

Lebanon has been hit by violence spilling over from the civil war in neighboring Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad is fighting mainly Sunni Muslim rebels trying to topple him.

Security forces have been on high alert since a suicide bomber killed one person and wounded 37 near the Syrian border on Friday in an attack that narrowly missed a security official, according to Reuters.

One security source said before Monday night’s explosion that security forces were hunting for two potential suicide bombers in the Lebanese capital.


Car bomb kills one in fourth explosion to hit Egypt Friday

A bomb blast near a court building in Cairo killed at least one policeman and wounded a few others on Friday

A bomb blast near a court building in Cairo killed at least one policeman and wounded a few others on Friday

CAIRO: One was killed when a car exploded in downtown Cairo in the late hours of Friday, the fourth explosion to rock the turmoil-hit Egypt on a day where Islamist demonstrations usually take place against the ouster of president Mohamed Morsi.

The number of casualties was not immediately clear after a car blast in Cairo’s Ramsis street near a subway station, an interior ministry spokesman told state-run news agency MENA.

“A car with no plates exploded, killing its owner. Explosive experts are combing the area to make sure there aren’t any explosive devices,” the spokesman added.

Earlier on Friday, at least four were killed after triple explosions struck the restive Sinai Peninsula and Cairo.

Two suicide attacks in South Sinai targeted a checkpoint and a tour bus, leaving at least one conscript dead and nine others injured.

The first attack happened when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the “Wady El Tor” security checkpoint, killing himself and a conscript as well injuring five other security personnel. The “Wady El-Tor” security checkpoint is operated by both the police and the armed forces.

Shortly after the first attack, a suicide bomber targeted a bus carrying workers of a tourist company in “Ras Gara” area in the South Sinai governorate.

In Cairo, a low ranking police officer was killed and four other security personnel – an officer and three conscripts – were injured following the explosion of a bomb in Heliopolis district at a traffic checkpoint.

A bomb blast near a court building in Cairo killed at least one policeman and wounded a few others on Friday

A bomb blast near a court building in Cairo killed at least one policeman and wounded a few others on Friday

Hundreds of police and army personnel have been killed since the toppling of Morsi in July 2013 following mass protests against his rule. Militants, including Al-Qaeda-inspired group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, have vowed to increase their attacks in the run-up to Egypt’s presidential elections later this month.

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Over 30 killed, 140 wounded in Iraq suicide bombing

A general view of the site of a car bomb attack in the neighbourhood of al-Qahera is seen in northern Baghdad, March 9, 2014

At least 35 people have been killed and 147 wounded when a suicide bomber driving a minibus detonated the vehicle filled with explosives in the southern Iraqi city of Hilla.

The bomb exploded arriving at a main checkpoint at a northern entrance to the city, according to Reuters.

Over 50 cars were set no fire after the blast, with passengers trapped inside.

“Some of the victims were burned inside their cars,” a police officer said.

Of all the victims, at least six were security personnel and three civilians, according to two police officers at the scene, as cited by Al Jazeera.

Part of the checkpoint was destroyed.

Hilla is a largely Shiite Muslim city and is located 95 kilometers to the south of Baghdad.

Iraq has been torn by violent attacks since last April, with the numbers of dead jumping to its highest levels since the worst of the country’s sectarian bloodshed in 2006-2008.

8,868 people were killed in 2013, and over 1,400 people have died in January and February of 2014, according to UN statistics.

People look at the site of a car bomb attack in the neighbourhood of al-Qahera in northern Baghdad, March 9, 2014

A picture taken on March 9, 2014 shows burnt out vehicles at the site of a suicide bombing that killed at least 21 people at a checkpoint near Baghdad, northern entrance to Hilla

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Breaking news / Trolley bus blast in Volgograd kills at least 10 in terrorist attack


A suicide bombing in the Russian city of Volgograd has killed at least 10 passengers on a trolley bus. The explosion comes a day after a terrorist attack in the city which killed 17 people and injured scores of others.

At 15 people were injured by the blast on Monday morning. A one-year-old baby is reported to be among the victims.

The explosion was set off by a suicide bomber, spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee, Vladimir Markin, confirmed.

The bomb may have been planted in the central part of the trolley bus rather than brought in by a suicide bomber, said the National Antiterrorist Committee.

The bus was near one of the city markets when the explosion happened. The site has been cordoned off, with traffic diverted to other streets.

The blast wave was powerful enough to shatter some windows in nearby buildings.

The Emergencies Ministry said it is preparing a new flight from Moscow to Volgograd with medical equipment and personnel for possible transportation of the blast victims to the capital.

The new deaths in Volgograd come just a day after a suicide bomber targeted the city’s railway station, killing 14 people on the spot and injuring more than 30 others. Three of those injured succumbed to their wounds in hospital.


And in October the city witnessed yet another terrorist attack, when a suicide attacker set off an explosion in a bus heading to Moscow, killing 6 people and injuring almost 40.

Trolley bus blast in Volgograd kills at least 10 in terrorist attack — RT News.

Suicide bomber kills self in Tunisian resort, second arrested | Reuters

(Reuters) – A suicide bomber blew himself up on Wednesday in the Tunisian resort of Sousse without causing other casualties, and police seized a would-be suicide bomber at the tomb of former President Habib Bourguiba, security sources said.

The first bomber detonated his explosive belt on a beach near the Palm Hotel in Sousse, an important tourist destination south of the capital Tunis. The second was arrested at Bourguiba’s tomb in the town of Monastir.

Bombings are rare in Tunisia, but the government has said Islamist militants have exploited the chaos in neighboring Libya to acquire arms and get training.

Earlier this year, Tunisia’s Islamist-led government began a crackdown on Ansar al-Sharia, one of the most radical groups to emerge since the country’s 2011 uprising. The group’s leader is a former al Qaeda veteran who once fought in Afghanistan.

Nine policemen were killed in clashes with militants earlier this month.

Suicide bomber kills self in Tunisian resort, second arrested | Reuters.