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MI5’s hiring: British Secret Service is looking for intel experts on Russia

The MI5 headquarters in central London

The UK’s MI5 has decided to beef up its team with more experts on Russia amid the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine. It is now hiring Russian intelligence analysts to monitor intercepted phone calls and e-mails.

According to The TimesDavid Leppard, the British Secret Service is advertising the positions in this week’s newspapers. It can also be easily found on MI5’s official website.

Successful applicants will be tasked with listening to telephone calls in Russian, working with written documents “intercepted under warrant” and providing expert support to investigative officers.

The fluent Russian speakers will be giving “clear analysis in a variety of ways” that, MI5 says, will “help safeguard national security.”

“Your work will enable us to take a well-informed view of potential threats to national security, including terrorism and espionage,” the job description reads.

MI5’s Russian intelligence analysts will be also cooperating with the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, or MI6) and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

Those who get the job will be paid £30,000 ($50,000) a year.

Aside from fluent Russian, British citizenship or residency is also a must.

MI5’s recruitment comes amid growing tensions between the West and Russia over the political crisis in Ukraine, a former republic of the Soviet Union. While the two sides agree on the necessity of de-escalation of the situation in Ukraine, there is still no agreement on approaches.

While the West is accusing Moscow of attempts to undermine sovereignty of the country, Russia is blaming the US and its European allies for fueling Maidan protests and supporting the coup-appointed Kiev government.

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Veiled Threat – UK’s senior Muslim Brotherhood leader to British PM : Don’t ban us – or else

Ibrahim Mounir

Ibrahim Mounir

It is a familiar argument at this point: acting against Islamic jihadists risks “alienating moderate Muslims.” The Times editors put “peaceful” in brackets ahead of Ibrahim Mounir’s reference to “Muslim Brotherhood values,” but in reality the Brotherhood’s year in power in Egypt was anything but peaceful; that year was marked by thuggery against its opponents, and since the Brotherhood was toppled from power, its supporters have blamed Christians for the loss of power, terrorizing them and burning churches. And even if it really were peaceful, the Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to establishing Islamic law in societies, and we are constantly told that Muslims in the West have no interest in bringing Sharia West with them, now or ever — so one would think that genuinely moderate Muslims would be happy to repudiate the Brotherhood and see it banned in Britain.

Ibrahim Mounir’s tactic here is very similar to one that is used constantly against me and other foes of jihad terror: the claim that speaking honestly about how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism will alienate moderate Muslims. You can see an Australian interviewer ask me that exact question in this video. The obvious answer, of course, is that if they were truly moderate, they’d be just as indignant about that usage as we are, and would be standing with us against it.

Finally, note Mounir’s veiled threat: if the Brotherhood is banned, there will be jihad terror in the U.K. Of course, if it isn’t banned, there will be jihad terror in the U.K., but he doesn’t mention that.

Ban on Muslim Brotherhood ‘will increase terrorism risk,’” by Tom Coghlan in the Times, April 5 :

Banning the Muslim Brotherhood will leave Britain at greater risk of terrorist attacks, the group’s most senior leader in the UK said yesterday.

Speaking for the first time since David Cameron announced an investigation into the organisation’s alleged links to violent extremism, Ibrahim Mounir said that it risked alienating moderate Muslims. “If this [ban] happened, this would make a lot of people in Muslim communities think that [peaceful] Muslim Brotherhood values . . . didn’t work and now they are designated a terrorist group, which would make the doors open for all options,” he said. Asked if he meant open to violence, he replied: “Any possibility.”…

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Welcome back : Putin seeks to bolster Russia-Egypt ties | i24news

Moscow wants to fill the void the US shrinking presence in the region leaves, says the Sunday Times

Is a geographically new Iron Curtain about to descend upon the world? According to a report by the Sunday Times, Russia has been seeking lately to upgrade its military ties with Egypt in an effort to augment its limited access to the Mediterranean and bolster its navy’s presence in light of the United States’ Waning presence in the region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia would seek to maintain a permanent naval presence in the Mediterranean but due to the continuing war in Syria and its domestic fragile security situation “the Egyptian ports are perfect for the Russian navy,” the Times quoted Sunday an unnamed Israeli defense source as saying.

According to the Times, Putin is planning a possible state visit to Egypt soon in order to take advantage of frayed ties between Washington and Cairo and possibly gain access to Egypt’s Mediterranean ports.

sukhoi_s37_berkutIsrael’s Channel 2 reported, earlier this month, that Egypt is also interested in Russia as an ally and was looking to Moscow to supply it with arms after the US froze much of its military aid in protest over the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi.

The US financial and military punishment came days after 57 people were killed in clashes in Egypt amid the crackdown by security forces on supporters of Morsi. Expressing its dissatisfaction, the US announced on October 9 it was freezing a sizable portion of the $1.5 billion it provides Egypt each year, as well as military equipment and weapons.

Israel has reportedly argued “directly and bluntly” with the Obama administration against cutting aid to Egypt, telling Washington it was making “a strategic error” in reducing financial assistance to Cairo.

Another ally of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, said Saturday that it had boosted its aid pledges to Egypt’s military-backed government to a total of $4.9 billion.

The Times reported that Putin is also seeking to fill the void left by the US withdrawal from Iraq and strained ties between Washington and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

“The US is in retreat all over the Middle East: Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. And the Russians are stepping in and intend to stay,” the London paper quoted an Israeli security source as saying.

Report: Putin seeks to bolster Russia-Egypt ties | i24news – Information has a new name.